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Trump Disgraces The White House By Using Coronavirus Briefing For Propaganda

Trump teamed up with a One America News Network propagandist to use the coronavirus briefing to attack the media and spread lies.

Trump was asked by One America News, “On that note, major left-wing news media, even in this room, teamed up with Chinese party narratives and claiming you’re racist for making these claims about Chinese virus. Is it alarming that major media players just who oppose you are signing with foreign states with radical cartels that work right here at the White House and are direct assets to you and your team?”

Video of Trump:

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The President responded with a conspiracy rant against the media:

It amazes me when I read the things I read. It amazes me when I read “The Wall Street Journal,” which is also so negative. It amazes me when I read “The New York Times” — I barely read it. We don’t distribute it in the white house anymore. The same thing with “The Washington Post.” Because you see, I know the truth. And people out there in the world, they really don’t know the truth. They don’t know what it is. They use different slogans and different concepts for me almost every week trying to catch something.

Last week it was all chaos. You see me, there’s no chaos. I am the one telling everybody to be calm. There’s no chaos at the white we have unbelievable professionals. It’s really, I think I came up with the term — I hope I came up with a term, but it is fake news. It’s more than fake news, it’s corrupt news. They write stories without calling anybody. They write a story today, I had a couple of stories where they never call me, ever, that I know of. At least nobody tells me. They will write a story about me without even asking my opinion on something. It’s totally fake. I have never seen it.

I think they’re siding with China. They’re doing things they shouldn’t be doing. They’re siding with many others. China is the least of it. Why they’re doing this, you’ll have to ask them.

Donald Trump is using the national platform of the coronavirus pandemic briefing to spread lies and propaganda to discredit the free press.

While people are dying due to a lack of coronavirus testing, Donald Trump is attacking the media.

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