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Trump’s Failure Grows As He Won’t Invoke The Defense Production Act

Trump admitted that he hasn’t invoked the Defense Production Act, and he won’t because he wants private companies to profit.

Trump said during the coronavirus press briefing, “If I don’t have to use — specifically we have the act to use in case we need it, but we have so many things being made by so many, they have just stepped up. In fact, Mike Pence and I were discussing it before, we’ve never seen anything like it, they’re volunteer, like Hanes — I brought that up as an example, General Motors…They’re going to go on the open market. We want them on the open market from the standpoint of pricing…We are directing states and sometimes we’ll be competing against states, which I don’t want, and we’ll drop out of the bidding.”


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We are in a time of crisis. Doctors are reusing masks. Other needed equipment is simply unavailable or unaffordable. Trump is trying to play wartime president, but he is not taking steps like the country is in a war.

The federal government must lead, facilitate, and provide. Having states and medical providers bid against each other for equipment is a recipe for disaster.

Trump is making the crisis worse by making it more difficult for those who need equipment and supplies to get them because he wants companies to make a profit.

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