Trump tells unemployed people to keep getting their paychecks

Trump Just Told Unemployed People To Keep Getting Their Paychecks

Trump was asked what he wants people to do who just lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. He told them to keep getting their paychecks.

Here was the exchange:

Reporter: For those people who have lost their jobs already, or they’re worried about to lose it tomorrow, what do you want them to do now?

Trump: What they do right now is keep receiving their paychecks. Hopefully, their companies will been in a strong position. We want to keep everything together. We think we’ll have a tremendous bounce back. Some people agree with that strongly, some of our top economists say once we solve the problem, we’re working on the medical problem. So we want them to keep their jobs, stay where you are, and we’ll see what happens. If they don’t, we unemployment, checks, a lot of very positive things.”

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Trump’s comments were spoken like a man who has never had to have a real job or live paycheck to paycheck. The President didn’t address the problem. If one has already lost their job or will lose it in the coming days, what does the federal government want them to do?

Unemployment claims are poised to grow by the millions over the next week, and Trump thinks that people can keep getting paychecks.

Trump is out of touch with the needs of working people and completely unable to comprehend this crisis.

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