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Donald Trump Jr.’s Girlfriend Tests Positive For Coronavirus Before Mount Rushmore Event

Trump campaign official and Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, Kim Guilfoyle tested positive for coronavirus at Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump’s event.

Maggie Haberman tweeted:

South Dakota sheriff’s deputies have refused to wear masks while working the Mount Rushmore event. The Sheriff said that masks were made optional because the event was outdoors, and it was a matter of the right to choose.

Local officials believed that they didn’t need to protect themselves and their communities from the virus because it wasn’t that widespread. What they didn’t count on was Trump’s carnival of corona bringing the virus into their community.

Eight more Secret Service agents tested positive for the virus

after they worked a Mike Pence event in Phoenix, and it is becoming clear that Trump is spreading the pandemic with his behavior.

It doesn’t matter if a community has a small infection rate before Trump arrives because he and his campaign will leave them with an outbreak.

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