Republicans Are Urging Americans To Forget About The Last 6 Months When They Vote In November

By 10 months ago

As more polling shows key battleground states – and even some GOP strongholds – tilting toward former Vice President Joe Biden, desperate Republicans have stumbled onto a new strategy: tell voters the last six months never happened.

On MSNBC on Monday, Stephanie Ruhle shared a clip of Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) testing out the new strategy.

“The stakes are very high in this election, but do you know why I know we’re gonna win?” Sen. Tillis said. “Because people remember how good their lives were in February.”

As the MSNBC host pointed out, one of the problems with this new strategy is that the duel crises they want the American people to forget about – the coronavirus outbreak and economic collapse – are still raging on with no end in sight.

In fact, Trump’s incompetence has made these problems worse than they should have ever been.


Ruhle said:

A new poll from the Dallas Morning News has former Vice President Joe Biden up five points over Trump in Texas. This is alarming. We know there is a very long way to go, but down five in a state as red as Texas is not good news. Democrats now sensing or hoping I should say for a Democratic tsunami come this November. With Senate GOP candidates not mentioning Trump in ads and not wanting to hug him tightly, concerned about turning off more moderate voters, one GOP senator saying Trump will win because people will just sort of forget the last six months. … These last six months aren’t over. We’ve got five months to go, and Texas for example is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases.

It’s too late for the GOP to untie itself from Trump’s messes

It’s no surprise that Thom Tillis is telling the American people to ignore the last six

months when they vote in November. After all, Tillis is up for reelection this year, and he’s falling behind Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham in the North Carolina Senate contest.

But it’s too late for Tillis and any other Trump-enabling Republicans to untie themselves from the president and the crises he has spent this year bungling so badly.

That’s especially true when more than 3 million Americans have been infected and nearly 140,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, to say nothing of the millions who are out of work.

Hoping the American people come down with a case of amnesia in time for the election seems to be the only path to victory left for Republicans.

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