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Greg Abbott Closes Down Ballot Drop Off Offices To Rig Texas For Trump

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:14 pm

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a proclamation closing down satellite ballot drop off offices in Texas to help Trump.

Abbott proclaimed that counties can only have one dropoff point for voters:

Abbott Is Trying To Suppress The Vote Because Joe Biden Could Win Texas

The 538 average of polls in Texas shows what amounts to a statistical tie, as Trump holds a slim averaged lead 1.7 points. The state’s three most recent polls show that contest between Trump and Biden is somewhere between a tie and a 4 point race. Even a four-point Trump lead is within the margin of error, so Texas will not be an easy win for Trump on Election Day.

The electoral map has become so dire for Trump that Republicans like Greg Abbott are working overtime to try to suppress the vote and keep the state.

If Biden won Texas, it would make winning the White House impossible for Republicans. It would also signal that MJ Hegar had beaten John Cornyn and turned one of the state’s Senate seats blue. Texas is demographically changing, and Republicans are having to rely on voter suppression tactics to stay in power.

Things are so dire that Republicans may need to rig the state for Donald Trump.

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