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For the First Time in 20 Years Both MSNBC and CNN Beat Fox News in Ratings

Last week had a number of major political events. On Monday, Donald Trump made a stump speech in Dalton Georgia. On Tuesday, Americans eagerly awaiting the results of the Georgia senate race.

On Wednesday, viewers tuned in to see the election challenge being mounted by Trump loyalists in the House and Senate. As the fight began, though, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol.

And when people wanted to hear about the chaos in Washington DC, they turned to CNN and MSNBC. The Daily Beast writes, “Both CNN and MSNBC beat Fox News across the board in ratings on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Prior to that, according to Nielsen, the last time Fox News lost to both networks in total viewers was over 20 years ago, on 9/24/2000.”

They continue, “On Friday, all of Fox’s primetime programs finished 3rd in total viewers and the demo. That includes Tucker Carlson, which drew 3.36 mill viewers and 535,000 in the demo. Chris Hayes totaled 3.74 mill and 706K in the demo & Anderson Cooper had 4.855 mill and 1.44 mill in demo.”

For a number of years, CNN and MSNBC have been splitting the nation’s more Liberal viewers. Fox, on the other hand, has largely gone unchallenged as the Conservative source for news.

The Conservative media landscape, however, has been changing under Donald Trump. While Fox is quite supportive of the President, he doesn’t get 100% fealty from the network. And for that reason, Trump has been urging his supporters to tune into Newsmax and OAN.

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