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Treasonous McConnell Is Personally Pressuring Republicans To Block 1/6 Commission

Senate Minority Leader McConnell has increased his pressure on members of his caucus to vote against the 1/6 Commission.


CNN reported, “He’s taking arm twisting what whole new level. According to two Republican sources familiar with what’s going on, we know that Mitch McConnell has been pressuring Republican senators to vote against the January 6th commission, as you said. But we are told that in the last 24 hours that McConnell has doubled down, started reaching out to particular senators. He was afraid might be wavering, and ask them to vote against the commission. Quote, as a personal favor.”

Mitch McConnell was afraid that some members of his caucus might do the right thing and vote to investigate a domestic terrorist attack that tried to overthrow the government, so he is personally twisting their arms to make sure that they vote no and keep the truth, and Donald Trump’s role in the attack hidden.

McConnell has shown that he isn’t a great strategist, legislator, or manager of the Senate. Mitch McConnell’s superpower is that he doesn’t care about democracy, the Constitution, rules, the truth, or the American people. McConnell only cares about gaining and keeping power.

Mitch McConnell understands that without power he is nothing, which is why he is so willing to betray his country for a chance to be Majority Leader again.

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