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Donald Trump Jr. Scrambles To Walk Back “Joke” After He Called For 65% Of GOP To Lose Their Right To Vote

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Donald Trump Jr. called for vaccination cards to be shown for people to be able to vote without realizing that 65% of Republicans would lose their right to vote.

Donald Trump Jr. Called For Vaccinations To Be Tied To Voting Rights:

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that only 35% of Republicans in counties that Trump won

had been vaccinated. An AP poll found that half of Republicans say they won’t get the vaccine under any circumstances.

Donald Trump Jr. Tried To Walk It Back Once He Realized That His Idea Would Result In Republicans Not Being Able To Vote

It took a day, but somebody finally told him what his plan would do, and he tried to walk it back:

The best part of this fiasco has to be when the son of failed former one-term twice impeached president claims that his own idea is authoritarian.


In an effort to “own the libs,” Donald Trump Jr. called his own ideas authoritarian and disenfranchised 65% of Republicans.

Just remember that if dear old failed one-term president dad can’t or won’t run again in 2024, Donald Trump Jr. is trying to position himself to run for the Republican nomination.

The guy who wants to disenfranchise 65% of Republicans also wants to be president.


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