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New Poll Shows Afghanistan Withdrawal Has Zero Impact On Biden’s Popularity

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:37 pm

A new NBC News poll shows President Biden’s approval rating staying exactly the same even after a week of negative media coverage on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden’s Approval Rating Is Unchanged Over Afghanistan Withdrawal

NBC News’s Mark Murray tweeted:

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The American People Side With Biden On Getting Out Of Afghanistan

The DC media elites and Republicans are much more upset about the end of the war in Afghanistan than the vast majority of the American people. From the beginning of the story in Afghanistan, the media read the mood of the American people wrong.

The press and Republicans, who, as a reminder, got the country into the war in Afghanistan, then when they realized that winning in Afghanistan was impossible, they bailed and shifted their focus to Iraq, have been wrong every step of the way on this issue.

President Biden understands what the majority of Americans want. He is trying to do what is best for the country.

Republicans are trying to score cheap political points and wave their angry patriot flag.

It is not working.

President Biden is likely to have more victories in September as Congress will pass his human infrastructure plan and look for something to be done on voting rights.

With coronavirus vaccinations once again increasing to over a million per day, progress is being made on the Delta variant.

In this era of hardcore partisan divisions, Joe Biden took a week of intense negative media coverage. His approval rating didn’t drop, which is the sign of a president who could be very popular as his term goes on.


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