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Top Progressive Says It’s Time For Democrats To Deliver Build Back Better

One of the top progressives in the House, Rep. Ro Khanna, delivered a strong signal that Build Back Better will pass next week.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: You just heard, Secretary Raimondo said that this legislation, the Build Back Better program, is going to pass this week. That’s really in the hands of progressives like you. Are you a yes vote on both this and the infrastructure bill?

REP. KHANNA: I am. The president has shown patient and extraordinary leadership. It’s time for this party to get together and deliver. Let me just say, I mean, politicians throw out historic, transformation- If I could just say two facts of what this will do. Every American kid is going to get to go to preschool. Nobel laureate James Hangmen says that is one of the biggest things we can do to create equal opportunity in America. Second, this is the largest investment ever in solar, in wind, in electric vehicles. It’s huge on climate.

MARGARET BRENNAN: We’re going to get into the details in a moment, but this vote, you do expect to happen by Tuesday, as some have projected? Because on another network this morning, Sen. Bernie Sanders was saying he wanted to try to add in some things to the bill still. Pharmaceutical and prescription drug pricing is what he talked about. I mean, that’s pricey. How many changes should we expect?

REP. KHANNA: Well, we are working to add things in. I mean, the negotiation is taking place. I’m going to be a yes. I think we can have the vote by Tuesday. Sen. Sanders is doing a great job to actually have Medicare negotiation. I mean, that would save money and help people with prescription costs. But the question is– 

MARGARET BRENNAN: That’s 350 billion over 10 years, according to Senator Sanders. Is that something that you think you can still keep the Senate on board with?

REP. KHANNA: Well, there are two different issues. One is the actual reduction of costs. The prescription drug negotiation. That actually saves money and saves money brings the cost down. The other is the Medicare expansion, so people get dental, vision, hearing- by the way, a hugely popular polling place. So my point is this: I’m a yes. Progressives will be a yes. We’re working to get all of this in, but here’s what people are saying. It’s been months. Let’s get this done.

The Media Is Losing Interest In Build Back Better Because It Is Going To Pass

The reason why the corporate press only wants to talk about what isn’t in Build Back Better (BBB) is that the bills are going to pass. A legislative success that benefits the American people bores the corporate media. Rep, Khanna brought up a great point. BBB is going to be the biggest investment in renewable energy in US history.

Progressives have not been the problem in passing this legislation. The issue has always been a handful of moderates including Sens. Manchin and Sinema. Now that they are on board, Build Back Better looks like a done deal.

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