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Lauren Boebert’s Apology Shows That House Democratic Punishments Are Working

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Rep. Boebert is clearly worried about being censured and losing her committee assignments, so she tried a non-apology apology to Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Boebert tweeted:

Rep. Madeline Dean pointed out that Boebert at least attempted an apology:

Dean said on MSNBC, “I have to tell you, number one, I’ll look for the good. Representative Boebert actually

attempted an apology. That’s very rare coming from anybody who is a Trump acolyte, so I’ll give her credit for
actually attempting an apology. Of course, she talks about this unnecessary distraction, a distraction of her own making. But what we are seeing, Alex is the least serious legislators in the Republican conference, they are lifted up. They raise money on absurd indecent bigoted tropes and statements, and the serious members of the Republican conference are shunned.”

The only reason why Boebert attempted such an insincere apology was that she does not want to end up censured and tossed off of her committee assignments.


The House Democratic leadership has jointly called on Minority Leader McCarthy to punish her, and if he fails to do, the House is likely to take action.

The House Democratic punishments are working, but they would be unnecessary if Kevin McCarthy would put on his big boy pants and discipline the members of his caucus.

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