Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. Is Trying To Incite Riots Over Vaccine Mandates

Donald Trump Jr. called the American people sheep and really seemed to want riots in the streets over vaccine mandates.


Trump Jr. said on Fox News, “You don’t hear what’s going on as it relates to the riots in Europe now against the vaccine mandates because our media wants to block that out. They’re going to make sure that you don’t hear about it because they don’t want you getting those kinds of ideas that freedom may actually exist in some parts of the world. I mean, Europe is pushing back, and America is sitting there like sheep. Oh, you know, this is great. We’ll just go along with you know what these guys who’ve gotten nothing right over these last two years tell us.”

Donald Trump Jr. seemed to be trying to incite riots in the streets over the vaccine. In other words, Trump Jr. wants unvaccinated people to gather together in close proximity where they could potentially catch COVID as a form of protest against vaccine mandates.

The Trumps need violence, discontent, and anger to return to power. If by 2024, America is happy with the job that Biden has done, they are likely to reelect him.

Donald Trump Jr. wants riots, as killing their own supporters appears to be his family’s desired path back to the White House.

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