Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Own The Left But Shoots Himself In The Foot By Disrespecting Pearl Harbor

Donald Trump Jr. demonstrated that the Trumps may be gone, but their disrespect for the United States military remains strong.

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr.’s Text Outlining Coup Is Critically Valuable on Another Level: It Functionally Admits They Lost The Election

The fact that Donald Trump Junior mentioned alternative state electors exposes Junior to devastating legal consequences.

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr. Busted Plotting A Coup Months Before 1/6

Newly released texts reveal that Donald Trump Jr. was floating ideas for a coup in November before the election was…

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Convince America That Putin Feared Trump

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that Putin didn't invade Ukraine when his dad was president because he was afraid of him.

3 months ago

The 1/6 Committee Eyes Donald Trump Jr. With New Subpoenas

The 1/6 Committee has issued three new subpoenas for planners of Trump's 1/6 rally including two advisers to Donald Trump…

4 months ago

As Donald Trump Jr. Talks About America First, Fox News Shows A Pic Of Trump And Putin

It seems that even the friendly media at Fox News can't hide the fact that Trump's America First is really…

5 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Is Trying To Incite Riots Over Vaccine Mandates

\Donald Trump Jr. called the American people sheep and really seemed to want riots in the streets over vaccine mandates.

6 months ago

WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Talked Extensively About Drug Addiction During Friday Night Speaking Engagement

When Donald Trump took office in 2017, his adult children were heavily involved in his administration. Daughter Ivanka and son-in-law…

10 months ago

WATCH: Trump Jr. Has Meltdown Over Media Covering Biden’s Fitness Regimen

When he was president, Donald Trump had a number of people around him willing to pretend he was fit. Dr.…

12 months ago

Trump Didn’t Even Garner 50% in the Latest 2024 GOP Presidential Candidate Poll

There is a fierce debate within GOP ranks about what to do with Donald Trump. The majority of Republican lawmakers…

12 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. is Furious That Liz Cheney Fist Bumped Joe Biden Last Night

Joe Biden is known as an especially kind and affable person. And the current President¬† served in the United States…

1 year ago

The NYC Exodus Continues As Trump Jr., Guilfoyle Buy a $9 Million Mansion in Florida

The story of the Trump family began in New York City. Fred Trump, the family patriarch owned thousands of properties…

1 year ago

Trump Jr. Claims There is No “Better Visual” Than Biden’s Dog Biting a Staff Member to Explain His Presidency

Donald Trump Jr. claimed there is no "better visual" than President Joe Biden's dog biting a White House staff member,…

1 year ago

Donald Trump Jr. Revives Conspiracy Theory Suggesting Biden Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to revive a conspiracy theory about President Joe Biden's mental health, suggesting Biden has…

1 year ago

Donald Trump Jr. Goes On Insane Rant Blaming Democratic Governors For Texas Crisis

Donald Trump Jr. tried to defend Ted Cruz by blaming "Democrat governors" when the governor of Texas is a Republican.

1 year ago

US Attorney Hints That Trump Could Be Charged As Part Of Insurrection Investigation

Donald Trump had been asking his supporters to fight for him for weeks. It began with a flyer he distributed…

1 year ago

Poll: Voters Believe It Would Be Inappropriate of Trump to Pardon His Family Members

The¬†New York Times reported last week that President Donald Trump had discussed with his advisers the possibility of pardoning his…

1 year ago

Republicans Are Creating a Donald Trump Jr. Ad to Appeal to Georgia Voters Who May Boycott Runoff

There is a runoff election upcoming in the state of Georgia that will decide the balance of power in the…

1 year ago

Donald Trump Jr. Latest Republican With Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is rampaging throughout the country. The disease has also made its way through the White House with…

1 year ago

Even the New York Post Has Turned on Team Trump

There have been few newspapers in the country more loyal to Donald Trump than the New York Post. When Rudy…

2 years ago