Donald Trump Jr

US Attorney Hints That Trump Could Be Charged As Part Of Insurrection Investigation

Donald Trump had been asking his supporters to fight for him for weeks. It began with a flyer he distributed…

2 weeks ago

Poll: Voters Believe It Would Be Inappropriate of Trump to Pardon His Family Members

The┬áNew York Times reported last week that President Donald Trump had discussed with his advisers the possibility of pardoning his…

1 month ago

Republicans Are Creating a Donald Trump Jr. Ad to Appeal to Georgia Voters Who May Boycott Runoff

There is a runoff election upcoming in the state of Georgia that will decide the balance of power in the…

2 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Latest Republican With Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is rampaging throughout the country. The disease has also made its way through the White House with…

2 months ago

Even the New York Post Has Turned on Team Trump

There have been few newspapers in the country more loyal to Donald Trump than the New York Post. When Rudy…

3 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Falsely Claims Biden’s Campaign is “The Most Anti-2nd Amendment in History”

Donald Trump Jr. claimed Democrat Joe Biden's campaign is "the most anti-2nd Amendment Presidential ticket in history." "Make no mistake…

3 months ago

Trump Says Donald Trump Jr. “Wouldn’t Stand a Chance” Running for NYC Mayor

President Donald Trump said his son Donald Trump Jr. "wouldn't stand a chance" running for mayor of New York City.…

3 months ago

25th Amendment Time As Donald Trump Jr. Says His Dad Is Acting Crazy

Donald Trump Jr. is fighting with the rest of his family because he thinks that his father is acting crazy…

4 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Melts Down and Blames Hunter Biden For His Dad’s Potential Tax Fraud

Donald Trump Jr. responded to his dad's potential tax crimes by ranting on Fox News about Hunter Biden and prostitution…

4 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Says You Have To Worship Trump To Be A Real American

Donald Trump Jr. complained about the number of celebrities at the Democratic convention and said that real Americans support the…

5 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Flops At GOP Convention With Laughably Bad Speech

Donald Trump Jr. poorly delivered a fantasy speech divorced from reality with glassy eyes that was so bad, it was…

5 months ago

The Senate Made A Criminal Referral Of Donald Trump Jr. And Jared Kushner To Prosecutors

The Senate Intelligence Committee made criminal referrals of Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner to federal prosecutors in 2019.

5 months ago

Typically Candidates Only Speak Once at Convention. Trump Will Speak Every Night of the RNC.

Over the last few months, while the COVID-19 pandemic has raged out of control, Republican senators and congresspeople have remained…

5 months ago

Mary Trump Warns Don Jr. and Ivanka Could Be Future Republican Candidates

Mary Trump has candidly discussed the possibility that Donald Trump's children could enter politics if he loses the White House…

6 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Projects His Dad’s Failures On To Biden

The President's son has claimed that Joe Biden will destroy the middle class if he's elected in November. Donald Trump…

7 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Posts Racist “Kung Flu Kid” Meme Starring His Father

The United States now has the highest rate of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world at 86,000. As the White…

10 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Threatens Republican Senators On Vote For Witnesses

Donald Trump Jr. made a clear threat to moderate Senate Republicans and warned them against voting for witnesses outside of…

1 year ago

Donald Trump Jr. Throws A Tantrum After Canada Cuts His Daddy From Home Alone 2

Donald Trump Jr. is outraged that Canada cut his dad out of Home Alone 2, and sees a political message…

1 year ago

Lindsey Graham Just May Have Gotten Trump’s Kids Investigated

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said that he is more than happy to have a conversation with America about the corruption…

1 year ago

The Trump Family Could Soon Be Charged With A Crime In New York

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is considering criminal charges against the business run by the Trump family.

1 year ago

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