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Post-Trump White House Takes Shape As Elizabeth Warren Aims To Be Biden’s Treasury Secretary

A post-Donald Trump White House is beginning to take shape as Elizabeth Warren is reportedly vying to be the Secretary…

3 hours ago

Rachel Maddow Says America Is In A Constant State Of Crisis Under Trump

Under Donald Trump, the American people seem to be living in a constant state of crisis – and it just…

3 hours ago

Pennsylvania AG Tells Trump And The Proud Boys He Won’t Let Them Steal The Election

Shapiro said Trump's efforts to undermine democracy in Pennsylvania are rooted in a fear that, if all the votes are…

4 hours ago

Joe Biden Delivers Blistering Case For Why Trump Is Unworthy Of Being Commander In Chief

Trump doesn't just refuse to serve his country. He also refuses to respect those who do put their country first and…

5 hours ago

Trump’s Hunter Biden Smears Are Built On A Document From A Fake Intelligence Firm

As coronavirus cases skyrocket to record levels, Donald Trump is pushing conspiracy theories rooted in fake intelligence.

5 hours ago

Report Reveals Trump Avoided Paying Taxes On Nearly $300 Million In Loans

Another bombshell published by The New York Times revealed that Trump avoided paying taxes on nearly $300 million in loans…

2 days ago

Melania Trump Ends Irony By Calling On Leaders To Be Better Role Models

Melania Trump praised Donald Trump's Twitter account while urging political leaders to be better role models for America's children.

2 days ago

Biden Tells Roaring Atlanta Crowd To Turn Georgia Blue And End The Trump Nightmare

Biden delivered an impassioned speech to a roaring drive-in crowd in Atlanta on Tuesday, a sign that Georgia is in…

2 days ago

Maddow Obliterates Trump And The GOP For Officially Killing The Supreme Court’s Credibility

Not only has the GOP packed the judiciary, but they've completely undermined the idea of  an apolitical, independent court.

3 days ago

Newly Surfaced Audio Shows Kayleigh McEnany Calling Joe Biden A ‘Man Of The People’

In 2015 audio reviewed by CNN, Kayleigh McEnany called former Vice President Joe Biden a likable man of the people.

3 days ago

In One Last Gasp Of A Dying GOP, The Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett To The Supreme Court

This is a shameful, 11th-hour power grab from a Republican Party that's officially on its political deathbed.

3 days ago

‘What In The Hell Is The Matter With This Man?’: Biden Shreds Trump For Spewing More COVID Lies

Biden slammed Trump for claiming doctors are inflating the number of coronavirus deaths so they can make more money.

3 days ago

Republicans In Panic As Democrats See Turnout Surge Among New And Low-Propensity Voters

Donald Trump and Republicans are hoping for a surge in Election Day turnout that they believe will make this a…

5 days ago

Biden Calls Trump A Tax-Dodging Con Artist In Podium-Pounding Smackdown in Pennsylvania

Joe Biden is going for the jugular by doubling down on an economic message that will appeal to voters in…

6 days ago

Trump Calls Third COVID Surge ‘Fake News’ And Blames Testing For Causing More Cases

As coronavirus cases surge to record levels across the country, Donald Trump is regurgitating his laughable anti-science talking points.

6 days ago

Maskless Trump Whines About Mail-In Ballots After Casting His Early Vote In Florida

After casting his early vote in Florida, Trump found the nearest camera, ripped off his mask and proceeded to whine…

6 days ago

Trump Tantrums After Biden Tries To Talk About The Middle Class Instead Of Rudy’s Conspiracies

Trump threw a tantrum when Joe Biden tried to talk about middle class struggles instead of Rudy Giuliani's crackpot conspiracy…

1 week ago

Pete Buttigieg Goes On Fox News And Shuts Down Trump’s Smear Campaign Against The Bidens

In the closing days of this campaign, the former mayor has shown himself to be one of the Biden campaign's…

1 week ago

GOP Strategist Mocks Trump For Pinning Reelection Hopes On Laughingstock Rudy Giuliani

Rick Wilson said that Trump's strategy for the remainder of the campaign relies on a conspiracy theory being pushed by…

1 week ago

Jared Kushner Is Already Planning To Launch A Trump-Themed News Network After The Election

Donald Trump already thinks he's a right-wing cable news pundit. If he loses in November, he'll finally be able to…

1 week ago

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