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Rush Limbaugh Tells America That Trump Is Way Smarter Than Any Health Expert

Limbaugh told his listeners that they should listen to Donald Trump, not experts that have spent their careers grappling with…

22 hours ago

Approval Of Trump’s Coronavirus Response Has Plunged 6 Points In 3 Days

The rallying effect that had been boosting Donald Trump's approval rating over the past couple weeks is starting to diminish,…

23 hours ago

Trump Unravels In Saturday Twitter Meltdown As U.S. Becomes Coronavirus Epicenter

As the coronavirus outbreak in the United States continues to get worse by the day, Donald Trump took to Twitter…

24 hours ago

Trump Demands Media Reveal Sources After He Posed As A Fake Spokesperson For Decades

Trump attacked the press's coronavirus coverage for sourcing after he spent years planting fake news as his own pretend press…

24 hours ago

Biden Leads By 9 As Trump’s Coronavirus Bump Vanishes

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump 49%-40% as Trump's coronavirus approval bump looks to be a polling mirage that wasn't driven…

1 day ago

Trump Has No Democrats At Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Signing

Even though it was House and Senate Democrats who added key provisions to help America's workers and hospitals, Trump only…

2 days ago

Unstable Trump Invokes Defense Production Act To Force GM To Produce Ventilators

The White House announced that the increasingly desperate and unstable Trump is now forcing GM to produce ventilators.

2 days ago

Nancy Pelosi Masterfully Stops Thomas Massie From Blocking Coronavirus Aid Bill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her magic minute power to hold the House floor to stop Rep. Thomas Massie from blocking…

2 days ago

Trump Calls For House Republican Delaying Coronavirus Aid To Be Kicked Out Of GOP

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has made it clear that he is going to delay the passage of the coronavirus aid…

2 days ago

Rachel Maddow Says Trump Is The Reason States Aren’t Getting Life-Saving Medical Gear

Leaders in both parties are pleading for help from the federal government, but this administration is refusing to step up.

3 days ago

NY Doctor Blasts Trump For Dismantling America’s Pandemic Preparedness Architecture

Donald Trump may have not created the coronavirus, but his response to this outbreak has made the crisis much worse…

3 days ago

U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Curve Passes China As Trump Claims Mortality Rate Is ‘Way Down’

These statistics show that the U.S. isn't even close to being out of the woods yet, despite the nonsense being…

3 days ago

Trump Crumbles When Asked What He’s Doing To Prevent Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans

Trump was asked what he is doing to prevent hate crimes against Asian-Americans. He answered I don't know then proclaimed…

3 days ago

Trump Tells America Not To Blame Him For Record Setting Unemployment

Trump claimed that he is not to blame for the record-setting unemployed that is happening because he bungled the coronavirus…

3 days ago

Trump Will Kill Americans With New Coronavirus Classification System

In a letter to the nation's governors, Trump announced that he was changing the social distancing classifications by county which…

3 days ago

Trump Wants To Fight Coronavirus By Sending Troops To The Canadian Border

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed a report that Donald Trump is trying to send US troops to the Canadian…

3 days ago

Senate Republicans Are Blocking Coronavirus Stimulus Because They Think It’s Too Good For Laid Off People

Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse are blocking the coronavirus stimulus bill because they think it is too…

4 days ago

Lindsey Graham Is Threatening To Block The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Republican Sens. Tim Scott, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham are threatening to block the coronavirus stimulus bill because they claim there…

4 days ago

Biden Unloads On Trump For Putting The Stock Market Before American Lives

The behavior of the Trump cult has always been frightening to watch, but this new push to put the president's…

4 days ago

Rachel Maddow Says GOP Governors In The South Are Setting Their States Up For Coronavirus Disaster

Governors in some southern states haven't issued stay-at-home orders, despite the fact that cities in their states and neighboring ones…

5 days ago

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