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Democracy in Tatters? Only 24% of Americans Want Roe v. Wade Overturned

As the Republican/McConnell conservative activist Supreme Court hears a Mississippi abortion case, a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows just 24%…

2 months ago

WATCH: Neal Katyal Says That if Weisselberg Doesn’t Cooperate, He Has to Worry About Trump Flipping on Him

While a fair amount of his business career has taken place in court rooms, Donald Trump has spent the last…

7 months ago

Opinion: Republicans Are Lying About Tax Hikes Killing Jobs And Prosperity

The only reason Republicans are lying that raising taxes on corporations will kill jobs is because they hate the idea…

10 months ago

Bernie Sanders Praises Biden For Making The Government Work For Middle Class Americans

Sanders praised Biden for signing the American Rescue Plan into law and making government work for the middle class.

10 months ago

John Fetterman Calls GOP A Disgrace For Voting To Overturn The Election But Opposing COVID Relief

The Democrat called the GOP in his state a disgrace for voting to overturn the election but opposing life-changing COVID…

10 months ago

Trump Tower Chicago Is Under Investigation For Using Vaccines Meant For Minority Communities

Trump Tower in Chicago is under investigation for vaccinating employees at the hotel through a program intended to help minority…

10 months ago

Biden Administration Is Quietly Scrubbing Every Bit Of Trump Misinformation Out Of The CDC

The Biden administration is quietly and quickly doing a massive cleanup effort to scrub the CDC of all Trump's anti-science…

10 months ago

‘Stay Tuned’: Elizabeth Warren Says Democrats Are Actively Plotting Filibuster Changes

Democrats in the Senate are actively discussing plans to prevent Republicans from using the filibuster to thwart Joe Biden's popular…

10 months ago

Online Interest In Trump Crashes To All-Time Low As Biden Leads America Toward Recovery

As Biden leads America toward recovery, online interest in disgraced former President Donald Trump has crashed to an all-time low.

10 months ago

Ted Cruz Is Furious That Biden Is Fulfilling Campaign Promises Instead Of Tweeting All Day

Ted Cruz is furious that Biden is spending his days fulfilling campaign promises instead of making noise on Twitter and…

10 months ago

Iraq War Vet Rep. Seth Moulton Torches Tucker Carlson For Insulting The U.S. Military

Tucker Carlson is the least qualified person to be opining about who should and shouldn't be serving in the United…

10 months ago

Biden Is Making Government Efficient Again As Americans Already Start To Receive Rescue Checks

Less than 48 hours after Biden signed his historic American Rescue Plan into law, Americans are already starting to receive…

10 months ago

Trump Showed Up At A Charity Event In Golf Clothes And Urged Daughter-In-Law To Run For Senate

Lara Trump has been helping funnel money from the dog rescue charity organization to Donald Trump's properties.

10 months ago

Trump Should Be Terrified As Michael Cohen Leads Manhattan DA Toward A Criminal Indictment

What's happening at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has all the makings of a coming criminal indictment.

10 months ago

Lara Trump Busted For Funneling Nearly $2 Million From A Dog Charity To Trump Properties

The former president's daughter-in-law reportedly helped funnel nearly $2 million from a rescue dog charity to Donald Trump's properties.

10 months ago

Rachel Maddow Praises Biden For Not Plastering His Name All Over The Stimulus Checks

Biden is on the verge of enacting a rescue package that will help millions, and he's doing so without needing…

11 months ago

Republicans Are Privately Fuming As Biden Refuses To Engage In Their Culture Wars

Republicans are struggling to figure out how to combat Joe Biden's popularity, particularly after he just bested them on COVID…

11 months ago

Ari Melber Tells Joe Manchin That Blocking Biden’s Popular Agenda Will Backfire

If moderate Democrats in red states truly want to make the smart political move, they would embrace Biden's popular agenda.

11 months ago

McConnell’s Dream Of Retaking The Senate Is Slipping Away As MAGA Extremists Take Over The GOP

Mitch McConnell's dream of retaking Senate control could be slipping away as a growing number of Republicans announce retirement plans.

11 months ago

Senate Democrats Are Actively Discussing Filibuster Changes To End GOP Gridlock

It's no surprise a growing number of Democrats are open to tweaking the filibuster, or eliminating it altogether.

11 months ago

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