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Trump Is Completely Deflated By Kamala Harris’ Historic Rise To VP Nominee

Biden's decision to put Harris on his ticket wasn't just smart and historic, but it was clearly the last thing…

37 mins ago

Rachel Maddow Warns That Trump Will Only Become More Desperate And Dangerous As Election Nears

As the country falls further into crisis, Donald Trump will only become more desperate to hold onto power.

23 hours ago

Adam Schiff Calls Trump A Russian Tool Who Is ‘Unwilling To Defend Our Democracy’

Trump is ignoring a very real threat to American democracy – and violating his oath to defend the United States…

24 hours ago

Trump Thinks Daily Press Conferences Will Cover Up How Little He Actually Works

Trump seems to think that daily press conferences will convince the American people that he's working hard during this moment…

3 days ago

Trump Is Setting The Stage To Blame His Election Loss On China

Trump hasn't hesitated to pick fights with China as it looks like he is setting the stage to blame the…

3 days ago

Trump Team Calls Biden A ‘Very Good Debater’ As They Desperately Try To Lower Own Expectations

The comments are a remarkable shift for the Trump campaign, which has been claiming that Biden won't even participate in…

3 days ago

Rachel Maddow Tells The Corrupt NRA That Not Even Trump Can Save It

The NRA's culture of corruption has finally caught up with it. Nothing the president says will save the corrupt organization.

5 days ago

Biden Campaign Takes Godless Trump To The Woodshed For Questioning The Former VP’s Faith

Team Biden blasted Trump for questioning someone else's faith just months after he tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a church photo-op.

5 days ago

Kanye West Admits His Fake Campaign Is A Ploy To Help Donald Trump Win

Kanye West is all but admitting that his presidential campaign is a sham meant to hurt former Vice President Joe…

5 days ago

‘That Was Absolutely Atrocious’: Maddow Blasts Trump For Spewing Lies About Beirut Explosion

Shortly after Donald Trump blurted out his evidence-free theory on the Beirut explosion, his own defense officials contradicted him.

7 days ago

Trump And The RNC Are Currently Trying To Limit Voting Access In 17 States

Donald Trump knows he's losing this election to Joe Biden, so he's teaming up with the Republican National Committee to…

7 days ago

ER Doctor Shreds Trump For Showing Zero Empathy For 160,000 Dead Americans

It's bad enough that 160,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. It's worse that Donald Trump doesn't seem to even…

1 week ago

Trump Halfheartedly Urges Supporters To Wear Masks In Bizarre Campaign Email

In a bizarre email to his supporters, Donald Trump halfheartedly endorsed the use of face coverings to prevent the spread…

1 week ago

Trump Adviser Crumbles When Ari Melber Shows Him Proof That Obama Built A Stronger Economy

Donald Trump's pre-pandemic economy wasn't even as strong as Barack Obama's was, let alone the greatest in American history.

1 week ago

Trump Threatens Nevada With Lawsuit To Stop Voters From Casting Mail-In Ballots

Trump said he plans to sue the state of Nevada for moving forward with mail-in ballots amid a pandemic that…

1 week ago

More Than 150 More Americans Will Die Of Coronavirus During Trump’s Saturday Golf Round

The coronavirus has not slowed down in the United States, but Donald Trump's capacity to even pretend to care about…

1 week ago

WH Official Stephen Miller Broke The Law By Launching Into Anti-Biden Rant On Fox & Friends

White House official Stephen Miller appears to have broken the law during a Friday appearance on Donald Trump's favorite morning…

1 week ago

Trump Is Fighting Harder To End TikTok Than The Coronavirus

Even though he has yet to develop a national coronavirus strategy, Donald Trump's new focus appears to be on dismantling…

1 week ago

Tucker Carlson Calls Obama A ‘Greasy Politician’ In Unhinged Tantrum Over John Lewis Eulogy

Despite Tucker Carlson's grade-school tantrum, the purpose of Obama's eulogy wasn't to please right-wing extremists who employ white supremacists.

2 weeks ago

Trump Spirals Into Gibberish When Reporter Busts Him For Still Not Having A Coronavirus Strategy

A seemingly sedated Donald Trump all but admitted during Thursday's briefing that he still doesn't have a national pandemic strategy.

2 weeks ago

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