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Republicans Show Their Terror Over Prosecutions For Forged Election Docs

The former Republican Kansas Attorney General appeared to be scared and making excuses over potential prosecutions of Republicans for forged election documents.

Former Kansas AG Philip Kline tweeted:

An attempt to use forged election documents to overturn a presidential election is not political dissent. Mr. Kline was talking about an attempt to defraud the United States government and carry out a coup to keep Donald Trump in power.


Prosecuting criminals is not politicization. AGs like Dana Nessel are supposed to prosecute those who violate the law. It’s her job.

Republicans Are Sounding Terrified Over Potential Criminal Prosecutions

Republicans are getting scared because slowly, they realize that they aren’t going to get away with their attempted coup. The fear is setting in, which is why they are trying to make a coup sound like dissent.


The fake Republican electors who signed the forged documents to try to keep Trump in power could all be facing criminal charges.

Klein’s tweet should not be read as a statement of strength but as Republicans trying to blame prosecutors for holding them potentially accountable for their crimes.

Republicans are scared because they thought they would get away with stealing an election.

They were wrong.


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