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Biden Busts 5 Republican Senators Who Secretly Support Him

President Biden said that he has five Republican senators come to him and say that they agree with him, but they are too afraid of Trump to vote with him.

Video of President Biden:

Biden said, “But think about did you ever think that one man out of office could intimidate an entire party where they are unwilling to take any vote contrary to what he thinks should be taken for fear of being defeated in a primary. I’ve had five Republican senators talk to me, bump into me, quote, unquote, or sit with me who have told me they agree with whatever I am talking about for them to do. But Joe, if I do it, I am going to be defeated in the primary. We have to break that. It’s got to change.”

The way to break Trump’s spell over the Republican Party is to continually defeat them. Republicans need to lose in the midterms, and Trump must be defeated again in 2024.


President Biden refused to name the five Senate Republicans, but there are some pretty good guesses that would be fairly easy to put together as to who they could be.

The Republican Party has turned into a Trump cult, and until the GOP is deprogrammed, Democrats will be going it alone.



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