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Ted Cruz Gets Schooled By Biden Judicial Nominee During Hearing

Biden judicial nominee Nina Morrison took Sen. Ted Cruz to school when he tried to blame her for rising homicide rates.


Cruz said, “Why do you keep advising radical district attorneys to let violent criminals go that send homicide rates skyrocketing? Do you care about the innocent people being killed because of the policies you’re implementing?”

Morrison replied, “Absolutely, Senator, and to clarify my role in those transition committees were only issue of what is called conviction integrity, not the front end prosecution policies, but on the review of old cases. That is the limited capacity on which I worked. I played no role in formulating front-end  policies, but it is because when the wrong person is convicted of murder, the person who actually committed the crime isn’t brought to justice.”

Nina Morrison has been nominated to be the US District Judge for the Eastern District of New York.

Ted Cruz has a story that Biden is nominating a bunch of radical soft on crimes judges, and he was sticking to it even if it is entirely wrong and inaccurate.

Sen. Cruz keeps throwing the word radical around because he wants to run for president in 2024, so he is trying to paint every Biden nominee as a threat to America.

Morrison didn’t lose her cool or get angry. She just turned the question around and made it clear to Ted Cruz that if innocent people are convicted, that means more murderers on the streets who go unpunished.

Ted Cruz got schooled by an intelligent and qualified Biden nominee heading for Senate confirmation.

The 2024 presidential campaign is not off to a great start.


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