Donald Trump

House Republican Compares Trump Stealing Classified Docs To An Overdue Library Book

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) compared Trump’s theft of classified documents to keeping a library book too long.

Video of Turner on Fox News:


Turner said, “We want to look for the justification. If this turns out to be merely a clerical issue that the president, in effect, checked out books too long from the archivist, then this clearly is an attack on the president of the United States.”

Donald Trump is not the President Of The United States and should not be referred to that way. The National Archives are not a public library. If any Trump supporter wants to find out for themselves, go to the archives and try to check any document, or try to leave with a document and watch what happens next.

It is against the law for any person in government to remove and keep classified materials. It is also against the law for a former president not to turn over classified materials to the National Archives.

Donald Trump doesn’t read. He never read his briefings and materials while in the White House, so it is impossible to believe that at nearly 80 years old, Trump got the reading itch and decided that thing that would hit the spot was 15 boxes of classified information.

Republicans are pushing absolute nonsense and trying to turn Trump’s potential crimes into a political issue because the legal issue looks grim for Trump and the GOP.


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