House Republicans Have Completely Imploded After Trump Raid

House Republicans responded to Trump being raided by the FBI by completely losing the plot of their midterm campaign and imploding.

Punchbowl News reported that if House Republicans win the majority, they are going to launch a special investigation into the DOJ:

We spoke to McCarthy after the raid. McCarthy told us he’s considering creating some sort of special investigative committee to probe the Justice Department and other governmental agencies if he’s speaker come January.

“I gotta talk to my members and see where we go,” McCarthy told us. “We have to follow it wherever it goes.”

Kevin McCarthy Is Leading The House GOP Meltdown Over The Trump Raid

McCarthy also threatened Attorney General Merrick Garland after the raid, so he is not exactly keeping his eye on the ball. McCarthy should have been telling his members to keep their eyes on their main campaign theme, which is inflation, but one FBI raid caused them to toss the campaign in the trash and get hysterical about investigating the DOJ and protecting Trump.

Democrats have seized the moral issue of women’s reproductive healthcare that is driving voters to the polls. Inflation is all that Republicans have left to run on, and if the midterm becomes about Trump and his legal issues, Democrats will get another boost toward doing what seems like the impossible and keeping their majority in November.

The Trump raid has completely thrown House Republicans and triggered self-destruction.