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Matt Gaetz And Jim Jordan Threaten Merrick Garland For Trump To Try To Get Name Of FBI Informant

Reps. Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and 16 other House Republicans sent a threatening letter to the FBI demanding to know who informed on Trump.

The letter:

The letter had many implied threats that warned the Justice Department to keep all communications and made it clear that Republicans would launch an investigation if they won back the House.

The real purpose of the letter was to try to get federal law enforcement to turn over the name of the person who is the FBI’s informant against Trump.

Donald Trump has been getting increasingly paranoid and, according to reports asking if people are wearing wires and if the phones are tapped. 

Trump is also using his allies in the House to bully the Department of Justice with thinly veiled threats of future investigations unless the failed former president is given what he wants. Trump needs to know who the informant is; he is using Gaetz and Jordan to try to shake an answer out of Merrick Garland.

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