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Lindsey Graham’s Rally For Herschel Walker Turned Into A GOP Racism Disaster

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that a Herschel Walker victory would mean that everybody will stop calling him and other Republicans racist all of the time.


Graham said at a Thursday rally for fading Herschel Walker, “Why are they so focused on Herschel? They’re afraid of Herschel Walker because if Herschel Walker wins, that means we’re not racist. And if you’re a Republican, aren’t you being tired of being called a racist all the time by everybody?”

Lindsey Graham told Republicans to vote for the black guy because he is black and if he wins, that means that Republicans aren’t racist anymore, which is one of the most racist campaign appeals for a candidate that could be made.

Sen. Tim Scott must feel like a real failure. He is an African-American Republican serving in the Senate, but his election wasn’t enough to end Republican racism. Only the election of abortion ATM Herschel Walker can end racism in the Republican Party.

Republicans claim that Democrats use “identity politics” to divide America, but the best argument that he could make for Walker was based on Republicans needing to not look racist.

Sen. Graham has no good argument for Georgia should vote for Herschel Walker based on policies, ideas, values, or what he will do for Georgia as a US Senator.

Lindsey Graham highlighted the racism of the Republican Party.

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