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Kevin McCarthy Thanks Biden As He Spins Debt Limit Defeat

In a moment that was the height of delusion, Kevin McCarthy tried to pretend like he and Biden are equals and he didn’t just get his clock cleaned on the debt limit deal.


McCarthy said:

No one thought at any given day that we would be where we are today. The president said he wouldn’t negotiate with us for 97 days, he wouldn’t even allow us to talk after we passed the bill, but it wasn’t until the final two weeks that we’ve really been able to sit down and communicate with one another.

And I do want the thank president’s team that he put together, very professional, very smart. Very strong beliefs that are different than ours, and I think at the end of the day people can work together to be able to pass in the House and the Senate together, to sign it and send it to the President.

Biden didn’t negotiate on the debt limit. He negotiated a two-year budget deal. McCarthy thanked the President’s team for being professional while they gave him nothing, but a few crumbs that he is trying to sell as victories.

The name of the game for Republicans was never to get a real deal. Republicans tried to cause a recession so that they can defeat Biden in 2024, and they failed.

Kevin McCarthy thanked Biden for butt-kicking he just suffered. The Speaker is selling a fantasy right out of the Trump playbook where down is up and defeat is really a victory.

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