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Republican Cowards Complain About Getting Owned By Biden In Debt Limit Deal But Won’t Bring Motion To Vacate

House Republicans are realizing that Kevin McCarthy got owned by Biden on the debt limit deal, but they won’t bring a motion to vacate to dump McCarthy.

For example, here is Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-C):

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) went on Fox to whine about the deal:

However, not a single one of the House Republicans has filed a motion to vacate against McCarthy, which leads to two conclusions.

First, the Republicans knew that the debt limit bill that they passed had no chance of ever becoming law. Second, House Republicans were scared to default. Republicans have been talking tough for weeks about how they were not afraid of default and didn’t believe it was real.

When push came to shove, they didn’t want to wreck the US economy and be blamed for it, so while they publicly complain and dozens of them will vote no on the deal, it is all for show.

If the House Republicans sincerely hated the deal, they would do everything in their power to destroy it, and if they could not destroy the deal, they would move to get rid of Kevin McCarthy.

It was all a fraud. Kevin McCarthy failed, and House Republicans are too scared and weak to do anything about it.


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