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Trump Is Raging And Angry About His News Coverage After Arraignment

Trump is described as being angry, ‘pi*sed off’, and raging about his news coverage after the 1/6 arraignment.

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CNN reported, “He was very angry as well leaving that court appearance. He was definitely pi*sed off, and he was also kind of raging on the plane, I was told as he was watching the news coverage come in, and so publicly, even though he still wants to sound defiant, you’ll hear him try to use that kind of rhetoric. Privately, he is very angry about this.”


Trump is very angry because he knows that this is the case that could do him in with voters. Outside of the MAGA base, the 1/6 attack is still looked upon with horror by the rest of the nation.

Trump can’t explain away his efforts to overturn the election. He hasn’t even tried. Trump only repeats the lie that the election was stolen as if it is a justification for committing crimes.

Donald Trump is angry because these crimes are the ones that could end any hope that he has of ever getting back to the White House. Trump is essentially rigging the Republican presidential primary by pressuring states to change their delegate rules, but he can’t rig the general election, and he knows that the November election is where his attempted coup could lead to his undoing.

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