Donald Trump

Trump Delivers Crazed F-Bomb Dropping Speech That Proves He’s Unfit

Trump promised to end all droughts and forest fires and dropped an f-bomb in a speech that was as unhinged as it was desperate.

Trump said:

All the currently dry canals will be brimming and used to irrigate everything, including your own homes and bathrooms and everything. You’re going to be happy and I’m going to get it done fast. They say that there’s so much water up north. That I want to have the overflow areas . Go into your forests and dampen your forest. Because if you dampen your forest, you’re not going to have these fire forest fires that are burning at levels that nobody’s ever seen before.

Very poor land management and remember when I said that a couple of years ago as president said men were sending billions of dollars to California for forest fires, their forests are burning down. And I was with a gentleman of very top person in Austria. He said, sir, We have more flammable trees than you do on your coast. We don’t have forest fires. We have learned to manage it. They take care of the land. They pick up the dead trees. You know, a tree doesn’t burn very easily unless it’s dead, that it gets dry, and it burns the leaves on the ground there. 


Trump was also dropping f-bombs because that looks so presidential:

Anyone in the media who watched this speech and still believed it was fine to treat Trump like a typical presidential candidate is part of the problem.

When Trump wasn’t promising to perform macceptableles, he was using language that was unpresidential and inappropriate for someone who is running for office.

Donald Trump has no platform, so he couldn’t go to California and explain what he would do if he put back into the White House.

Since the former president used up all of his undelivered promises in 2016 and 2020, he has to keep upping the stakes to the point where he has gone from absurd to delusional.

Trump’s act is not only stale. It is desperate, and voters in California aren’t buying the snake oil that Trump was selling.

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