Trump Humiliates Himself By Going Birther On Kamala Harris

Trump Humiliates Himself By Going Birther On Kamala Harris

Trump embarrassed himself and the country with a birther attack claiming that Kamala Harris can't be vice president.

3 years ago

CBS News Humiliates Itself By Reporting On Trump’s Birtherism And Not Calling It A Lie

CBS News committed an act of journalistic malpractice by reporting on Trump's birtherism without stating that the birther conspiracy is…

7 years ago

Donald Trump Again Refuses To Say That Barack Obama Was Born In The U.S.

The Republican nominee for president still won't say that the current commander-in-chief is a natural-born citizen.

7 years ago

Colin Powell Obliterates Trump As A ‘National Disgrace’ In Newly Uncovered Emails

It appears that former Secretary of State Colin Powell isn't the biggest fan of Donald Trump.

7 years ago

Obama White House Rips Republicans For Lacking The Guts To Stand Up To Trump’s Birtherism

During his daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called out the Republicans for lacking the courage to stand…

8 years ago

Coward Donald Trump Goes Into Hiding As Birther Backlash Grows

As criticism is mounting over Donald Trump's refusal to condemn his supporters birther remarks about President Obama, Trump backed out…

8 years ago

Bernie Sanders Shreds Donald Trump For Reviving Debunked Obama Birtherism

Bernie Sanders called Donald Trump and his birtherism a disgrace during an interview on CBS This Morning. Sanders strongly condemned…

8 years ago

Donald Trump Falls Apart When Reporter Calls Him Out On His Birtherism

Donald Trump couldn't handle being called on his birtherism during an interview with NBC News.

8 years ago

The 2016 Republican Circus Begins As Donald Trump Goes Birther On Ted Cruz

Donald Trump responded to Sen. Ted Cruz jumping in the contest for the 2016 Republican nomination by questioning Cruz's eligibility…

9 years ago

Team Obama Unveils an Epic 15 Second Beat Down of Birther Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney learns the hard way that birtherism doesn't pay in this amazing 15 second destruction put out by the…

11 years ago

The Obama Campaign Hammers Romney for Going Birther in Michigan

The Obama campaign put the hammer down on Romney's attempt to go birther by labeling him a birther and calling…

11 years ago

Hours before Fundraiser with Romney, Donald Trump Goes Full On Birther Insane

Watch Donald Trump absolutely lose his mind in an birther frenzy just hours before he is set to appear at…

12 years ago

Glenn Beck Claims that Barack Obama is a Birther

We all know that logic isn't a strong suit for Glenn Beck, but on his radio show today while trying…

13 years ago