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Opinion: The Dangerous Distortion of “Fairness” in the Student Loan Forgiveness Debate

Biden’s plan is an effort to create fairness and equity when it comes to access to higher education.

3 months ago

Opinion: Joe Scarborough’s Ignorant Anti-Socialism Exposes Dangers of Conservative Ideology

Scarborough’s logic is exactly that which also enables the anti-vaccination movement and, frankly, movements to undermine democracy.

1 year ago

GOP Legislatures Invoke Civil Rights to Prevent Fictitious Vaccination ‘Mandates’

Why are republicans so opposed to COVID vaccines? Claiming it is "political" is reductive. Perhaps the motive is more insidious.

1 year ago

Opinion: Biden’s Support For Labor Unions Is Unprecedented Promotion Of Democracy Itself

When President Joe Biden recently voiced support for unions, encouraging workers at Amazon currently involved in a vote to unionize…

2 years ago

Decrying Same-Sex Marriage Decision, Justices Thomas and Alito Endorse Trump’s Assault on Civil Rights

Last Monday the Supreme Court of the United States declined to hear a case brought by Kim Davis, a former…

2 years ago

Trump-Barr-DeVos Triumvirate See Privatization As Backdoor Route To Destroying Civil Rights

Walking down Main Street, couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, cannot be legally denied the right to hold…

2 years ago

Trump even Defies Supreme Court in Inflicting His Hate on Transgender Americans

The American people, polls indicate, have not been buying the bill of goods Donald Trump has been selling in his…

2 years ago

John Lewis Appeals for National Redemption in Powerful Posthumous Article

John Lewis made one final appeal to the American people on Thursday in the form of an op-ed written before…

2 years ago

Bittersweet Week in Supreme Court Underscores Trump’s Threat to Civil Rights and Basic Humanity

When Donald Trump appointed Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavannaugh to the Supreme Court bench, hopes certainly dimmed substantially for…

2 years ago

Trans Lives Matter, Too: November 2020 Will be a Reckoning on Civil Rights for All

Amidst the recent mass nationwide uprisings, dominated by the sentiments of the Black Lives Matter movement, an effective reincarnation of…

2 years ago

Opinion: Does America Really Value Equality? What Women and Transgender People Might Say

The Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that corporations merited certain rights of personhood. The decision in this…

3 years ago

Opinion: “Judicial Modesty” Is The New Legal Fig Leaf For Denying Civil Rights To LGBTQ Americans

While we don’t yet know how the Supreme Court will decide the major civil rights question before it regarding whether…

3 years ago

How Civil Rights History Can Guide Democrats in Impeachment Decision

We need to know, and the nation’s knowing depends on Congress taking the lead, not waiting for the people's will…

4 years ago

Roman J. Israel, Esquire, a Film that Connects Us to Our Radical Past to Challenge Trump’s Malevolence

Dan Gilroy’s 2017 film Roman J. Israel, Esquire, starring Denzel Washington and still lingering in theaters, has either been critically…

5 years ago

DHS Goes After First and Fourth Amendments With Expanded Social Media Surveillance

The DHS is ready to put digital Star of David armbands on every immigrant, and every naturalized American, according to…

5 years ago

From Rauner to Trump, GOP Practices Politics of Erasure

The problem is, again, that those constituents you and I might call people, the GOP, federally and at the state…

5 years ago

Jeff Sessions Makes An Unbelievable Promise to Protect Civil Rights For All Communities

On Thursday, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions told Federal Prosecutors he is committed to prosecuting hate crimes. Why don’t I believe him?…

5 years ago

Pro-Life Justice Neil Gorsuch Votes For Death in Capital Punishment Case

In a sign of votes to come Justice Neil Gorsuch set aside his regard for human life and cast his…

6 years ago

Opinion: Federal Appeals Court Rules it Is Illegal To Fire People Because They’re Gay

No one should be fired for being lesbian, gay, or transgender like happened to me and it’s incredibly powerful to…

6 years ago

Opinion: North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill Repeal Is Sham

“This ‘deal’ does NOT repeal HB2. It’s HB2 dressed up in a way desperate lawmakers hope will save the state’s…

6 years ago