Matt Bevin

Opinion: The Possibilities for Biden’s Vision to Overcome Trump’s Division

President-elect Joe Biden campaigned aspirationally on a vision of uniting a country many see as severely, if not hopelessly, divided.…

2 years ago

Betsy DeVos’ Corrupt Assault on Public Education Continues

The drama of the impeachment of the nation’s president, reports indicate, simply has not captured the interest or concern of…

3 years ago

Opinion: Kansas and Kentucky Show Support For Public Education: A Key For 2020 Democrats

Back in 2004, Thomas Frank’s book What’s the Matter with Kansas? elevated the state as the textbook case of how…

3 years ago

Rand Paul Ties Himself Into Knots Trying Not To Blame Trump For Kentucky Election Disaster

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went out of his way to not blame Trump for Gov. Matt Bevin's loss in Kentucky.

3 years ago

Trump Rally Backfired And Caused Beshear Landslide In Kentucky County

The county where Donald Trump held his rally ended up being a landslide rout for Andy Beshear over Matt Bevin…

3 years ago

Rebellion Talks Leads to New Call To Impeach Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

The Republican Bevin’s “insurrection talk” has elicited the second call for his impeachment as governor in six months; the first…

6 years ago

Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin May Be The Target Of An FBI Probe

Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear on Wednesday accused his successor Matt Bevin of threatening lawmakers and said such actions may…

7 years ago

Kentucky Gubernatorial Election Should Be A Wake Up Call For Democrats

Now if only Democrats would make a special effort to demonstrate to moderates that a major contributor to this country's…

7 years ago

Democrats And Liberals Scored Significant Victories On Election Night 2015

For Democrats, election night began poorly with Matt Bevin's surprise victory over Jack Conway, followed by the disappointing defeat of…

7 years ago

Democrats Lead In 2 Of 3 Southern Governor’s Races At Stake in 2015

Three Southern U.S. states have Governors races in 2015, and Democrats are poised to win two of them.

7 years ago

Democrat Jack Conway Leads Matt Bevin In Close Kentucky Governor’s Race

Democrat Jack Conway holds a narrow 43 to 41 percent lead over tea party Republican Matt Bevin, according to the…

7 years ago

Rand Paul Hits Rock Bottom As 50 People Show Up For Rally In His Home State Of Kentucky

Republican Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul tried to lend his popularity to Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin, but…

7 years ago

GOP Candidate Matt Bevin Bets On The Bigot Vote In His Bid To Become Kentucky Governor

Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin has tied his hopes on becoming the state's next governor to being proudly for anti-gay…

7 years ago

Tea Partiers Don’t Endorse McConnell and Get Grimes’ Name Wrong in Press Release Full of Fail

Upon Matt Bevin's primary loss, Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin put out a Kentucky Senate press statement that refers…

9 years ago

Kentucky Tea Party Senate Candidate Matt Bevin Has No Clue What The National Debt Is

This week, Bevin decided to release an attack ad against McConnell regarding his vote on the debt ceiling increase that…

9 years ago

The Tea Party Demands that Mitch McConnell Drop Out Or Else Alison Grimes Will Win

The United Kentucky Tea Party said McConnell should drop out of the race so Matt Bevin, the Tea Party candidate,…

9 years ago

Unpopular McConnell Can’t Shake Grimes, Another Poll Brings Bad News for Mitch

A newly released PPP poll shows MItch McConnell clinging to a one point lead over his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan…

9 years ago