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Rand Paul Hits Rock Bottom As 50 People Show Up For Rally In His Home State Of Kentucky

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Republican Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul tried to lend his popularity to Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin, but the allure of the self-licensed ophthalmologist has faded. He couldn’t even draw a crowd larger than 50 in his home state of Kentucky.

Sam Youngman writing for Kentucky.com said that about 50 people came out Saturday morning to see Sen. Rand Paul rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin.

Gathered in the basement of the Baptist Ministry Campus at Kentucky State University, the small crowd chanted “President Paul,” welcoming the senator and presidential candidate and listening as the two Republicans heaped praise on each other after an awkward week.

Despite the lackluster showing, Paul began his remarks by proclaiming “it is an exciting day to be a Republican in Kentucky.”
“We are going to win from top to bottom,” Paul said. “If we get everybody out, this is the year Kentucky becomes a Republican state.”

It’s not just his home state that lacks enthusiasm for the Republican Senator. Rand Paul is polling at less than 1% in North Carolina according to a recent PPP poll.

In fact, Paul runs about even with former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical match up in Kentucky, according to a Bluegrass poll.

Paul puts it even more drastically, saying today at the rally,” In the last presidential poll in Kentucky, I was leading with 20 percent of the vote, which means that 80 percent of the vote or 80 percent of the people aren’t supporting me for president. But does that mean I don’t think they support me as their U.S. senator or don’t support me personally? No.”

On September 30th, The Journal-Courier reported, “Democrat Jack Conway still leads Republican Matt Bevin by 5 percentage points in the latest Bluegrass Poll as the gubernatorial candidates gear up for the final run before the Nov. 3 election.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) ran brutal ads against Matt Bevin in the Kentucky primary, accusing him of falsifying claims of ties to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after the Hill busted Bevin for claims on his LinkedIn Page.

Bevin’s LinkedIn page as of Friday evening indicated he was an MIT graduate or graduate of an MIT-affiliated program but school officials say the three-week seminar he attended has no formal link to the school.

That’s what he gets for using LinkedIn.

The media loves them some Rand Paul because they think he is so popular with young men, but he can’t even draw a crowd larger than 50 people to a rally in his home state.

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