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Opinion: #Brokeahontus Is The Latest Attempt To Out Trump Trump

Opinion: #Brokeahontus Is The Latest Attempt To Out Trump Trump

I seldom pay attention to stories about the trending hashtags on Twitter. Yet, #Brokeahontus caught my eye. Not because it…

5 years ago

Will Republican Mind Control Succeed? (Humor)

Republicans take on Nancy Pelosi and, to their peril, Hillary Clinton.

11 years ago

Krystal Klear’s Astonishing Response to the Ryan Budget Explained (Satire)

Tea Party Republicans have the answer to their communication problem - mind control over popular and influential liberals - Rachel…

11 years ago

The GOP’s Cure For its Messaging Problem (Humor)

Republicans blame the media for their messaging problem, but they have a plan to fix that.

11 years ago

Romney Ryan 2012 Win Would Give Corporations Olympic Gold Medals!

All Big Corporations would be Olympic Gold Medal Winners with a Romney Ryan 2012 Presidential Election win!

12 years ago

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Republicans

We all seem to make New Year’s resolutions, so here are a few recommended resolutions for our Republican friends.

13 years ago