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Wikileaks Docs Prove America Can’t Be The Hitman For the World

The recent release of secret documents exposes an alarming aspect of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon, and it hints at America’s willingness to do the bidding of foreign countries that are capable of defending themselves. The underlying argument is that a nuclear Iran is a danger to the region, and no one disputes that fact. But the people who are asking America to strike Iran are working both sides of the street in claiming to be our ally at the same time they covertly support Al Qaeda.

Saudi Arabia’s leader wants the United States to strike Iran because of the nuclear threat they pose, and America must be willing comply or Saudi Arabia wouldn’t ask for America’s help. There is also an issue between the denominations within Islam because  Iran is predominately Shia and Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni, and it is cause for strained relations between the two countries. Saudi Arabia has allegedly given Israel its blessing to take out Iran’s nuclear program, and they are urging America to do the same.

In fact, several Arab countries in the Middle East are encouraging America to attack and it begs the question; why don’t they do it themselves? After all, America made an arms sale to Saudi Arabia to the tune of $600 billion, so they must have the capability to bomb Iran themselves. Are they pushing America to strike Iran because they know the conservatives are prone to warmongering, or are they truly afraid of a nuclear Iran? Why is it left to America to wage war for other countries that sponsor terrorists and are guilty of human rights violations? It’s the oil.

It is understandable that Arabs are nervous about Iran gaining a nuclear weapon, and based on the crazy rhetoric coming from Iran, their fears are well-founded. However, America cannot be the hit-man or policeman for the world when we are engaged in two protracted wars and our economy is making a very slow recovery.

There is no defensible argument for allowing Iran to develop a nuclear arsenal, but they would not have such an easy time had America not given them authority and power in the region. The only credible deterrent to Iran was removed by George W. Bush, and it signaled their ascension as a force to be reckoned with in the region and the world.

Iran has every reason to feel threatened and intimidated because when Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, it left Iran with American forces on two sides of the country, and a bunch of saber rattling conservatives in America who are anxious to use their precious bombs and bullets on another Muslim nation.

David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush and a sometimes reasonable conservative said on Sunday that many countries want us to attack Iran’s nuclear facility; as if that is reason enough to start another war. Iran will take a hit, but they will shut down access to oil in the region and Americans will be paying $5 for a gallon of gasoline. It is also worth mentioning that Iran has a formidable air force and there will be civilian casualties along with American military casualties.

There is no easy solution in dealing with Iran for many reasons, but it is not up to the United States to fight everyone’s battles for them. Saudi Arabia will not take action themselves, and there have been conflicting reports that they offered Israeli warplanes safe passage through their airspace to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. It seems that Saudi Arabia is shopping for someone to do their dirty work for them. Is it because they lack the capability or the resolve? It’s hard to say, and it’s possible they don’t want to anger their Arab neighbors. If Israel bombs the facility, it will create more animosity toward Israel from Arab nations for attacking a Muslim country. It is difficult to know who to trust on this issue, but there will have to be resolution sooner or later. A nuclear Iran is not acceptable on any level. The hope is that diplomacy and sanctions may be having an effect on Iran, but it is impossible to imagine that Iran will abandon their nuclear program to alleviate the suffering of their own people.

Since there are already bad feelings between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the fact that the Saudis have purchased military hardware from the United States, it makes sense that they should attack Iran. If it is true that many Arab nations want Iran’s nuclear facility bombed, they shouldn’t have blowback if they make a surgical strike. However, based on America’s record of war mongering for profit and oil, and Arabs hesitance to act themselves, it will be the Israelis or Americans who make the attack. If that is the case, one can only hope that a strike is surgical without great loss of life, and that it doesn’t escalate into a regional war. That is an awful lot to hope for, but at this juncture, it’s all anyone has.

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