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Did A White Supremacist Shoot Sikhs in Wisconsin Because of Atheists?

Allow me to begin by saying, I am an atheist. I don’t believe in God or Jesus or the Holy spirit…none of them. But I don’t associate the true believer of the religion to any sort of vile or violence, even though their book of belief — their story book, the bible — hosts stories where their god allows men to kill unborn babies, rape women, kill the men, women and children and pets, and allow for human sacrifice… For example:

Human Sacrifice:

Genesis 22:1-18
Exodus 13:2
Leviticus 27:28-29


Judges 21:10-24
Numbers 31:7-18
Deuteronomy 20:10-14
Deuteronomy 21:10-14

I believe there are good Christians out there who follow the new covenant and actually support their fellow human being and yes, accept LGBTQs. But they are in the minority. They lack the hundreds of millions or billions of dollar to spread their word like Pat Robertson:

According to Robertson, god led Wade Michael Page to the Sikh temple and killed the church-goer because I hate god…OK. How can I hate something I can’t see? There seems to be some sort of desperation from the religious right, be it, Florida Pastor Terry Jones, Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart or the right winged religious kooks who turn a blind-eye to these so-called christian soldiers:

Michael F. Griffin
Rev. Paul Jennings Hill
John Salvi
Eric Robert Rudolph
James Kopp
Scott Roeder

And shift the blame to non-believers. All these men are anti-choice, all convicted murderers and all Christian. Yet the nonbelievers, the liberal Christians, the people who follow the teaching of Christ, who abhor the violence are the TRUE enemies of god. The right-winged belief seems to be to not necessarily lead the sheep to their god, but to drain the life-blood of already gullible folks, so televangelists can part you from your money and guarantee you a mansion in the clouds called heaven. And when you are broken, blame people like me.

In my humble opinion, there have been more terrorists attacks upon our citizenry than say from the Asians in the middle east, yet people like Page are either mentally ill or spiritual martyrs doing the lords work. But this time, Page was NOT mentally ill, but a purveyor of hate. He gets his message from the folks like Robertson: kill the OB/Gyns, kill the non-Christians, the atheists, the liberal Christian, because this is God’s country and folks like Robertson praise these hate-filled groups by shifting the blame to people like us.

How can all this end? Two words: Tax churches. With no platform to spew their bigoted hatred, the real ministering can be done because there would not be a platform to spread the gospel of lies. No more tax breaks or the usage of OUR public airwaves to cause violence… intentionally or out of sheer stupidity. Tax deduction is NOT a right but a privilege, and maybe if churches paid corporate taxes, the funds could go to programs to actually do God’s work.

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  • Robertson is a hate group all on his own. Proving daily he is not any kind of a xtian that any one should model themselves after, his chances of getting into his own personal hell are very good.

  • Pat Robertson is, without exception, one of best examples of why his type of Christianity is a hate-club. Unbelievable

  • Amen tax churches... Jesus would be pissed off if he saw these people who use his name, hell I aint even Jesus and I'm pissed off enough to go kick some church money around and rant. These people like Robertson are dumb, vile and twisted ignorance. Evil maybe... Blind and arrogant defintely..

  • I thought that the killer was a neo-Nazi who had been identified some time ago by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I think that the Sikhs are correct that this is some more genuine US ignorance of the people and the faiths that make up our "melting pot." Since 9/22 Sikhs have frequently been targeted because their attire is so different. Only Pat Robertson would conclude that the problem is that we are not all fundamentalist Christians. When will Robertson and his ilk start paying attention to that part of the First Amendment to the Constitution about the freedom to practice one's religion.

  • A good first step is to re-establish required reporting of church finances (including what goes to the preacher) with severe penalties if the rules are broken. I'd also love to see a requirement that a church demonstrate that it serves a benefit and not a liability to the local community if they want any sort of tax break (I'm thinking of the damage that our little church would experience if we had to dig up money for taxes too).

    As far as blaming the atheists... obviously that jackass doesn't know anyone who is atheist.

    • Why not tie their tax exemption to the dollar value of the services that they (supposedly) provide to the community? Show us the records for the food expenses, meal preparation expenses, etc. Show us the records for any monies given out to individuals to help pay their energy bills, rent, etc.

      Churches cannot expect to become the arm of a certain political party and still enjoy a tax free status. Also, churches proliferate with almost no restrictions. How many of them sit less than half-empty on Sundays? How many of them serve no purpose whatsoever during the rest of the week? Why not have several small churches combine with a larger one and return the land they presently occupy to the tax base of the local community? I'd rather see a convenience store generating tax revenue for the community than yet another storefront church.

  • BTW... I'm reminded of a scripture that is very appropriate here.

    "If any one says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen."

    Someone needs to remind Robertson of that scripture.

    • "When" I win the Powerball this week...bill boards everywhere with this message! And, I would add at the bottom names of the "hater-club". Genuine Americans need fight back $$$ to shame these cretins and cause them to feel the wrath of their own "karma"; (every action has a reaction) the majority of America is sick of their behavior.

      Sidebar--we watched the good old "As Good as it Gets" last night. There is a scene where Jack Nicholson is confronted to leave the restaurant where his abusive behavior has reached a tipping point; as he walks to the door, every single person in the restaurant claps cheers and says "It's about time". I think we are at that tipping point with the haters-club. They need to leave.

      • Oh and when you do win makes sure that the billboards are owned by Clear Channel and also, plug Politicus USA too!

  • Churches should not and should never have had a general tax exemption. The federal government should neither interfere with the legal activities of any church, nor should it subsidize them.

    IMO churches should be treated just like any other non-profit corporation. Same rules, same requirements, same limitations on outside income, politicking, and activities outside their non-profit mandate.

    • Separation of Church and State. What all of us have been insisting on.

      There are and should be rules regarding what a church can and cannot do... common sense ones, and they're already in place. The problem is that many of them don't want rules, except for everyone else.

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