Even In California, Voter Intimidation By Law Enforcement

An investigation into voter fraud by the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office caught the attention of the California State Attorney General’s Office into possible voter intimidation.

Gun Owners Need Roe Vs. Wade

Ending Roe v Wade, a law that protects women from being discovered would also backfire and end the privacy of potential firearm owners

Porter Ranch California Disaster Darkens Holiday…What About Watts?

The predominately working poor neighborhood of Watts is still enduring their own man-made disaster since 2000 and maybe earlier

Refugee-Hating Mayor Uses Racism to Justify Discrimination

Bowers rejects allowing Syrian refugees into his city and compares them to the non-existent threat of Japanese-Americans interred in WWII

Hatred And Stupidity Killed 12 People, Not Religion

When it comes ti Islam, why must certain religious organizations "condemn" an attack where they assume their "religious extremists" are responsible?

If Protesters Are Responsible For Officers’ Deaths, So Then Are The Tea Party

Are the protesters responsible for the death of the officers? If yes, then the Tea Party is responsible for the death of the two Las Vegas officers.

White Conservatives Justify Their Racism By Claiming Black Criminals Are Racists

Even when the right tries to explain racism, they end up being racist. They are all in agreement that there are black criminals and bad cops. Funny thing, a cop who commits a crime, is indicted, found guilty and is serving time, well, they are a bad apple.

Conservatives Have A Double Standard When It Comes To Use Of Police Force On Blacks

In the past few weeks, there has been an uprising of awareness of police brutality all over the U.S. yet it appears that conservatives are countering the protest with the justification that if you fail to submit to the police, you deserve what you get...that is until their own are brutalized.

A Liberal Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks This Year To An Amazing Woman

Many will give thanks this Thanksgiving for their freedom while others will give thanks to family and close friends. I give thanks this year to a woman, a Boston-based historian and radio consultant as well as a professor.

Hypocritical Conservatives Who See Revolt In Ferguson Easily Forget Their Own Actions

As cities across the nation either burn or shut down because of protests, conservatives jump in and express their opinion about the revolt in Ferguson and across the nation. Sites like The Blaze allow hate on their comments section by gun-totting thugs to express their feelings and divide themselves from understanding the pain and suffering from people of color who feel that there is no justice being a person of color. Comments like: read more

The Traditionalist American Knights Of The KKK Want to Kill The Group Anonymous

The TAK KKK (Traditionalist American Knights) wants to kill hacktivist group Anonymous. Why? Because of good old journalism

Unlike Much Of The Country, California Still Solidly Blue After Midterm Elections

After a not-so-really-heated contest between the Republicans and Democrats, California still remains blue, and our State elected leaders are all Democrats.

New Year’s Eve Ball For Heterosexuals Only

As the new year is fast-approaching, senior class couples from an Indiana High School will be bringing in the new year close together as they celebrate love and togetherness at the strike of midnight...only if you're invited and only if you're not an LGBTQQ.

Backhanded Way To End War…By A Republican

Former President George W. Bush and his crime family's legacy cost us trillions and our economy is going to Hell in a hand basket, but a traitorous Republican (redundant) may have figured out how to end all wars by telling generals to retire.

Deep-Seated Racism At The Root Of Ferguson Police’s Handling Of The Mike Brown Shooting

Protesters in the city of Ferguson, Missouri are voicing their disgust after the shooting death of an unarmed young black man as the ugly truth rises as the citizens demand justice for the victim.

Conservatives Frequently Contradict Themselves When It Comes To Regulations

I love how conservatives scream about the free market and how government intervention only stifles growth, making this nation into a world of zombies and yes men and women.

Church Decides To Raffle Off AR-15 Rifles To Boost Attendance

Just when you thought you have seen everything, this pops up. A church is leading their flock to Jesus by bribing, I mean raffling off two Black Rain AR-15 semi-auto in Joplin, Missouri.

The Right To Bear Arms…If You’re White?

The right to bear arms is going crazy. People, mostly white males, are carrying rifles everywhere. Their reason? Because if they do not do this, they'll lose their rights...huh?

Will Feds Investigate the Pasadena Police Department for Racial Profiling?

Currently, Pasadena does not have an extensive shooting investigation and with juvenile arrests being 90 percent minority, the investigation is very much in question. Was the shooting of McDade by the two officers preventable?

Regarding Mass Shootings, The United States’ Motto Is ‘We’re Number One!’

We're number one. No, not in education, health or any other social programs, but in gun crimes. As of June 10, 2014, there have been 117 mass shootings in the United States this year.