Conservatives Have A Double Standard When It Comes To Use Of Police Force On Blacks




There is a double standard when it comes to use-of-force in the U.S. When the police use techniques that cause pain or death, the crowds come out of the woodwork and voice their opinion. In the past few weeks, there has been an uprising of awareness of police brutality all over the U.S. yet it appears that conservatives are countering the protest with the justification that if you fail to submit to the police, you deserve what you get…that is until their own are brutalized.

After reading the rag, Conservative Tribune, I visited their Facebook page and read about the Eric Garner Story. One comment that caught my attention and I may agree…to a certain degree…was:


Rebecca ***** He didn’t die over a cigarette. He died because HE made a choice to be noncompliant. He was fully aware what he was doing was wrong. I guess in the future police officers should just walk away if someone doesn’t want to be arrested?

Lets say for argument sake Garner did not properly comply, (even though he did raise his hands up) then the justification to use the right amount of force necessary to make an arrest is then proper, right? Then Rebecca as well as the rest of the pro-police-pro-use-of-force conservatives would agree then that any use of force used to make an arrest is justifiable…just like:

Pat McKinley on the LAPD’s Torture of Pro-Life Protesters with [nunchakus]
WARNING: Many may find this video disturbing

Back in June 1989, the LAPD used the nunchakus as a device to arrest non-compliant protesters like the folks from Operation Rescue, who refused to move from Planned Parenthood centers. The pro-lifers used petroleum jelly on their arms so that when officers would arrest them, the protesters can slip away. LAPD then decided to use the device to lock their arms behind their back, and the pain would force them to stand up.

When the pro-lifer refused to move, their arms were broken as seen in the video. This caused a lot of grief and forced the LAPD to ban this practice. Yet the same people who abhor this, have no issue of killing a black man either by shooting them or using a chokehold, and that to them is OK, because, they failed to comply.

So the issue of use-of-force has become a racial and political issue and by political issue, I mean specifically for blacks, Hispanics and liberals who fail to comply, but when the same principles are applied to conservative groups, be it police shooting: Black Cop Cleared in Shooting of Unarmed White Man… Media Says NOTHING [VIDEO], the IRS or any other so-called “government overreach”, the right calls it tyranny, fascism and ultimately blame President Obama.

There is no middle ground for conservatives, because, they feel that there way is the only way with no compromising their values, even though back in 1989, pro-choice liberals and Operation Rescue were bringing up complaints to judges about the LAPD’s violent actions against O.R. I see no end in sight. As long as we have violence and the right, from the street thug to our elected official in Congress who say, “…if Eric Garner had been healthier, he would not have died after a police officer placed him in a chokehold.”, I see no justice anywhere, just cities paying out families who are victims of brutality as well as blood in the streets.

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  1. Seriously, as if Garner was going to beat all the cops up that were there. The ability to diffuse events is seemingly gone. Yes, there are still cops that do it.

    A conservative is forced to immediately assume someone is non compliant and therefor guilty. If they raise their arms in submission, that is a sign that that Black man was going to fight. If he had been white it would have been a sign he was asking for the ride to the jail in the comfy chair.

    People dont get killed for cigarettes, even though cigarettes them selves kill. People get killed by cops who know no tactics for good behavior. The same kind of behavior they expect from their victims

  2. Here are some facts for you all to mull over.

    At the time Eric Garner was approached by the officers, he wasn’t doing anything. He had just finished breaking up a fight and was standing there when he noticed the officers approaching him. He said to the officers to please leave him alone, he was tired of being harassed. The officer standing directly in front of Eric made a point to harass Eric every time he saw him. Eric had had enough. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to comply he had had enough of this officer messing with him.

    Get the tape. Go to youtube, Listen to both video clips. Take it sentence by sentence. Eric Garner wasn’t involved in any illegal activity when he was approached by his murderers.

  3. the goal have a double standard when it comes to black people? really? well gooooolllllyyyyy!!!!! who would have thought? surely not! you don’t say? We’ll I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Knock me over with a feather!

  4. * [new] Pfft! Tanks are sitting ducks in cities (3+ / 0-)

    It is law enforcement that has the death wish if they want to push this all the way to violent insurrection. Molotov cocktails are still an effective way to deal with tanks and troops in body armor. Also, I wonder which nations would help support armed rebels in America? (Not that the US of A has given anyone a reason to want to exact revenge or anything).

    The scary thing about revolution in America is that a LOT of other countries would support it out of spite.

    But enough talk of violence – this is an economic war.

    No one (in gov’t and lawn forcement) seems to be thinking long term: tanks & SWAT teams co$t money and protester-filled down-towns don’t generate much tax revenue (especially after they fire tear gas). Sure the jackboots can lock up all the po’d folk but remember: inmates don’t pay any more taxes than rich folk do … where’s your next pay check coming from?

  5. Excellent point! This is very much an economic war. The unrest due to the pattern of injustice to the underclasses in this country is a lashing out to authority without understanding the real underlying causes of the injustice. The PEOPLE, of this country are not racist at heart. Divisions are driven by the corrupt and fascist powers that control our banking and wall street. It is not even corporate America at its true core… they are just the criminal organizations who have learned how to effectively game the system. The true source is central banking (The Federal Reserve) and it’s criminal theft of the wealth of this nation’s people. The police are just pawns of this fascist structure. Don’t become a pawn yourself by fighting for a cause that’s only a band-aid cure.

  6. Here’s a basic question: why would 5 or 6 cops be sent out to arrest a nonviolent guy for selling single cigarettes? That is an offense that is ticketed. It is not even a misdemeanor, much less a felony. The cops did not catch Garner selling cigarettes on the street that day. He had no cigarettes on him. They clearly went looking for trouble and ended up killing an innocent man. I do not hear the cops telling Garner he is under arrest. I do not hear the cops advising him of the crime for which he is being arrested. I do not hear the cops reading him his rights.

  7. A WHITE! police officer in Houston just grabbed an unarmed young Black man’s arms and pulled them behind his back so he could hand cuff him. I am SOOOOO angry about this! OMG, I CAN’T believe this is happening in 2014!

  8. There’s Never a Cop Around When You Need One On Saturday, with protests still going on around the country and exploding at Berkeley over a Staten Island grand jury’s refusal to indict the New York City police officer who choked Eric Garner to death, former St. Louis cop Redditt Hudson wrote in the Washington Post, “I was floored by the dysfunctional culture I encountered. I won’t say all, but many of my peers were deeply racist.” The racism and abuse of power was so fucked up that it drove Hudson to quit after five years on the job. – See more at:

  9. I wish the media would stop calling the Activist protesters ”looters” as in Berkley! These Activists are committing every waking hour they can into protecting the Democracy that we so cherish, to get justice for the Brown, and Garner families and to stop police brutality in the future! They are wonderful, committed people. The looters are provocateurs, likely Black Bloc and mostly white thugs who look for an opportunity to cause trouble and have it pinned on marchers and demonstrators. The police need to get smarter and know the difference! And so does the media.

  10. Good grief. These two cases are VERY different.
    Use your intellect, and stop reacting on an emotional basis that completely disregards all FACTS. That is one major reason educated, sane, rational people of all colors utterly disdain these ridiculous, destructive and counter-productive behaviors.

  11. Maggie, I said this before and will say it again.
    When I watched this killing, it made me think of a bunch of wild animals taking down a prey. They attacked in the same manner, all over that poor man just like watching wild Kingdom.

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