Right Wingers Are More of a Threat to Gun Owners Than Liberals

Last updated on February 7th, 2013 at 04:03 pm

As the shooting massacre in Aurora Colorado roils in the minds of many, lies and half-truths of shooting from conservatives and gun nuts bubble up blaming President Obama, liberals, progressives, gun control advocates and they even try to criticize a corporation, Landmark Theater.

They blame Landmark Theater using the Second Amendment, because the corporation created a rule that prohibits carrying a concealed weapon as a condition to enter into their theater, according to a conservative pro-gun lobby group USA Carry. Yet further research into the ownership of said theater company brings up some interesting facts…it’s owned by some pretty conservative groups like: Bain Capital, J.P. Morgan Partners, the Carlyle Group and Spectrum Equity Investors, to name a few.

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Bain Capital? Mitt Romney Bain Capital? Yes. Under these major investors, the guidelines were created regarding the conditions under which people may enter into their theaters. These conservative groups have every right to put on conditions they deem necessary, as the right to bear arms ends when you step into a private corporation, much like banning members of the NRA from entering into their meetings with firearms.

Romney signs off on permanent assault weapons ban

12:00AM / Thursday, July 08, 2004

Now Governor Flip-flopper changed his tune about the ban, but has kept the ban in place for the people of Massachusetts. And yes, people are blaming: President Obama, liberals, progressives, gun control advocates for the ban. So what is the difference between gun control and gun ban?

Gun control means that there are rules and regulations that gun owners must follow in order to own a firearm. The rules require: background checks, training, education, and how to properly maintain your firearm (cleaning and storage). These rules require the shooter to know how and when to shoot a firearm. A gun ban is the total confiscation of any and all firearms regardless of training and knowledge of said firearms by the government.

Currently, there is no Democratic President that has taken away firearms. But during the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, FEMA and Blackwater (AKA XE), under the guidance of the Bush Administration, ordered the State of Louisiana to confiscate all firearms from homes. The confiscation was not just from homes affected by Katrina, but homes who were not affected by the rage of the hurricane.

And now these same right winged anti-Obama groups are saying that SB-2099 will legally confiscate all firearms from people of the United States and their territories…which is patently false according to Snopes. The origins of this accusation is:

The item quoted above about a pending Congressional bill requiring gun owners to list their guns on federal income tax is both outdated and contains a good deal of misinformation. The referenced bill, SB 2099 (the Handgun Safety and Registration Act) is not currently before Congress was introduced to the Senate back in February 2000 (not 2009), and it was referred to the Committee on Finance, where it languished without ever coming to a vote.  It also had no provisions for requiring handgun owners to list their guns on federal income tax returns.

Yet Republicans from past experience seem to be eager to take away your rights to firearms and shift the blame to Democrats. And as I type this story, on the NRA‘s website, there are still no comments about the shooting or the investors. Apparently, when their own kind limits the freedom of gun owners, they are silent. But they are bringing up George W. Bush’s operation “Fast and Furious” and shifting the blame to Obama and Eric Holder.


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