Occupied In Nevada…By Koch Backed Right-Wing Nut Jobs

Photo courtesy of HLN T.V.
Photo courtesy of HLN T.V.

As the standoff between right winged followers of Cliven Bundy in Nevada comes to an end, one has to wonder, who is behind this madness? Is this a poor farmer standing up to a big oppressive government or is there something even deeper than that?

According to various sites, Bundy is being used as a pawn by the Koch Brothers:

Koch Groups Back Rancher Making Violent Threats Against Federal Gov’t

Cliven Bundy: right-wing extremist domestic terrorist lawbreaker

Armed Right-Wing Militia Members Descend On Nevada To Help Rancher Defy Court Order

Right-Wing Media Eagerly Promote Cliven Bundy and His Anti-Federal Faceoff

Right Wing Terrorists Poised to Spark 2nd American Revolution

The Bundy Ranch, OathKeepers, and the Koch Brothers…the 1%’s revolution?

The same people who are blaming President Barack Obama for this fiasco also called Occupy protesters communists, socialist, stinky, unkempt and hippies. Even though Occupy also protested against President Obama, these people hate Occupy.

The difference between both the protesters in Nevada and Occupy Wall Street? Not one member of Occupy promoted violence. As a matter of fact, Occupy never demanded the dismantling of the government but to take it back from the right wingers and corporatists. They also told Occupiers not to bring firearms to their camp while the folks in Nevada are armed to the teeth.

Here is the video of a protester kicking a police dog when the guy was ordered to move his vehicle he was blocking: Ranch Riot

Yet not one person was arrested…detained, but not arrested. The hypocrisy of this action is too overbearing. The protesters in Nevada are standing up to “BIG GOVERNMENT” but during the months Occupy Los Angeles was occupying the city, there were Homeland Security buses, police everywhere, federal agents and intelligence officers monitoring every move and these same people in Nevada were calling Occupiers every pejorative their brains can think of.

This protest in Nevada started because Bundy refused to take his cattle off of public land. His cattle were grazing on land owned by us, so that he can make a profit. He refused to pay grazing fees and jeopardized the endangered desert tortoise for his profit.

His action had nothing to do with freedom or justice but was guided by greed with no regards to our environment. The ironic thing was, there were supporters armchair quarterbacking their thoughts, and one person brought up: Well the government was going to allow fracking on his land.

I checked to see if there were going to be any fracking and as of right now I cannot find any, but if these supporters were truly concerned about the environment, then they would have understood why the Bureau of Land Management confiscated Bundy’s cattle. You know the statement made about fracking was just a ploy to seek attention because because if these people were truly concerned, there would not be any earthquakes in the South.

I am a member of a Liberal gun group and the members are considering taking up arms to end fracking because the last time a bunch of lefties protested, they were tear gassed, beaten up, shot in the head with a flash-bang grenade, and possibly placed on a hit list by the FBI. Nothing like that in Nevada. Why? Because the Koch Bros would not permit this from happening.


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  1. The amount of anger on the hashtag #bundyranch reached epic proportions. People were actually wishing for a civil war and several said that this is 1776 all over again.

    What nobody in this movement realizes is how much they have been had by corporate interests. It’s not just the Koch brothers, Fox News jumped in the fray and inflamed passions as well as perennial nut job Alex Jones.

    These are obviously lower class people. Many of them looked like they were barely getting by on scraps. But they have been manipulated by cynical billionaires and their populist anger misdirected.

    They have be come the useful gun meat. They will be the first to be sacrificed when push comes to shove.

    Why don’t they put this kind of energy into stopping fracking?

  2. Tim, you’re a real American. I’m not fond of guns, but I think we need a progressive militia. We need our own militia to protect abortion clinics, for example. I also think you might be onto something by using a progressive citizen’s militia to stop fracking.

  3. I’ll tell you Barbara I am a very liberal, progressive person. I also keep my gun locked and loaded just in case. I will not tolerate the RWNJs taking over my space.

    Those types have been wanting a showdown with the government for awhile. They seem to think it is a fight they will win. Anybody who thinks the government is going to lose control to these thugs is crazy. The government will do whatever is necessary to maintain order.

    Astorix is right by the interests and the media fanning the flames. They want to see a showdown.

    What I find most interesting is all of these comments coming from people who have no idea who or what the BLM is yet they’re trying to make them the bad guy. Something tells me this is going to end really ugly.

  4. The BLM was the same organization that had a plan in 1991 to kill off a large portion of the same turtles in the same area because of over population. There is no threat to the turtles, it’s a trumped up Sierra club lie. Mr. Bundy cited the Nevada Constitution in asserting that the state of Nevada holds sovereignty over the charging of grazing fees and, if he owes such a fee, he would pay it only to the local government — not to the feds and he did pay the state of Nevada as per the state constitution. Get your story straight.

  5. You’re right. And those who cheer the demise of the US government on,y have to look at Somalia to get a good idea what anarchy is all about.

    Be careful what you wish for, right wing basement trolls.

  6. These people are unreal and have no ability to reason in reality. If just one Government employee had been fired upon and killed. These so called “Armed Protesters” would of learned about reality Fast. When several heavily armed “DRONES” fired upon them. They would of called it a TEASHOOT. In other words kissing cousins to a turkey shoot. By the way armed resistance is covered under the law as “Domestic Terrorism”. I wonder how all of those Tea partiers would of reacted if the armed protesters were all Muslims? What type action would they have been yowling for the Government to do then?

  7. Brad, you’re another person who doesn’t understand that federal law trumps state law.

    I also don’t believe the state constitution part of your post, you’ll need to post a credible source that shows where the state constitution says that, and how much money he paid, and when it was paid.

    In other works, I think your story is made-up, as in fiction.

  8. You think they aren’t doing this? He, despite his idiocy, still deserves due process, so that’s what the big, bad government IS doing.

  9. Why do these people expect us to enrich their cattle growing by allowing then on OUR land for free? They get charged $2 an acre? Try to get hundreds of acres for that rental price in the east. And they don’t even want to pay that. Note Koch people, there are millions of First Americans who records of their past have been destroyed. They vote, too Koch brothers.

  10. Yup I so appreciate the call to more violence, this time from us liberal gun people. That’ll help.

  11. We need guns at clinics? Oh thank you so much. Spoken like someone who never put her body on the line for other women or did clinic defense. Sure – raise the specter of getting escorts and patients killed. Yeah – that helps.

    After 15 years in heat and freezing cold walking women in, standing up to mass blockades by the anti’s, and WINNING each and every time, I’d really like to say to you – don’t help.

    If you seriously think clinics need help, get your butt out there and do it. And leave your gun at home because the only person you kill will likely be on YOUR side. We who have been on the lines for decades do NOT want more violence, not even from YOU. We’ve had enough death and destruction for a lifetime, thank you.

    Idiotic. Absolutely idiotic.

  12. I think the Governments approach or reaction was correct, but letting these so called muscle headed domestic terrorist get away with their utter contempt for authority will just give them fuel to continue whenever and wherever until the first shot will be heard. The Koch bros have been wanting this for years and know they have trained mindless robots to follow their commands, Fox news, and all the rest of their payed MSM puppets are praying for the day, all because of one POTUS that won’t give to their commie wants. People will die and the sick bastards will have done their best to ruin the best nation on earth. WE MUST STAND STRONG or become their puppets.

  13. These are the same people who support nullification laws that says they can ignore any federal law they don’t like. So we are hearkening back to the days before the Civil War where state’s rights are more important than the Union. It sickens me that this stuff ALWAYS dusts up when a Democrat is in the White House. It doesn’t help that the Oath Keepers and Info Wars are stoking the flames on this.

  14. Mr Bundy doesnt get to choose who he pays fees to.

    The federal govt owns the land The grazing fee is an annual assessment. If not paid, the rights are lost, just like any other contract that has been breached by one of the parties.
    Bundy refused to pay the fees and the contract was breached therefore the grazing rights are revoked. His were revoked in 1993

    the fact that none of these “patriots “were arrested while threatening violence is absolute proof of the selective enforcement polices of our law enforcement. of course 90% of our socialist sucking police officers are Republican , so this comes ad no surprise to me.

  15. They sure are the projectionists , arent they? Here they are protecting Bundy so he can get free stuff from the government yet they have no problem constantly accusing Progressives of “sucking the socialist teat”. conservatives in general are hypocrites to the hilt as well.

  16. If they had been students, Native Americans, liberal protesters or any minority they would have all been maced, arrested and a few of them killed…but since they are rich landowners screwing the HONEST taxpayers, they will probably get a sternly worded letter…

    Sorry, Feds- you failed.


    EVERYTIME a Centrist Democratic Party candidate wins the White House, you get a fringe group organized to make some noise.

    With Bill Clinton, it was the Militia Movement.

    With Barack Obama, it was the Tea Party.

    I am glad the BLM decided to pull back. Our country didn’t need another Waco or Ruby Ridge to get the fringe upset, and a reason to impeach and remove the Prez.

    Don’t worry, the IRS will handle this.

  18. Barb….I hear you, I am a Pro Gun Liberal as well… Unfortunately We must be and are forced to defend ourselves against those who are willing to be violent and beak Constitutional Laws and disobey the rules of common sense. The Reich Wing today are more dangerous than a sack of crazy Nazis…..

  19. They would need to go back to court for that I think. But I’d have to reread the court order. It’s available online and it pretty much destroys all of the right wing arguments.

  20. As stated in Chapter VI, pages 145-146 of the April, 1956, report (Part I) of the Interdepartmental Committee “Study Of Jurisdiction Over Federal Areas Within The States”:

    “Once an area has been brought under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the Federal Government, in general only Federal civil laws, as well as Federal criminal laws, are applicable in such area, to the exclusion of State laws…

  21. Excuse me but where is the evidence or proof that the Koch Bros. had anything to do with the anarchist uprising in Nevada? I dislike the Kochs and their agenda as much as anyone, and I wouldn’t doubt if they or their many front groups has something to do with this, but a reliable source would be valuable.

  22. He has had due process, several times over these 21 years.. He has been ordered to pay his fees or move his cattle…He has refused..He is a crook, a thief.. that land was NEVER his family’s land..

  23. Who is going to be held accountable for this anti-government growing trend? It is getting out of control! AM hate radio fans the flames of encouragement…fox news encourages violence, anger and instills fear! This is dangerous and we need to get a handle on it. Domestic terrorism is more of a threat to our society than foreign terrorism. Furthermore, if you are from the middle east and watch or listen to info wars, Fox News, Beck, Rush, etc…well, no wonder you want to kill Americans…they think we’re all like them. The extremist RW are causing us harm and need to be held accountable. Who is going to do it and how? Action is needed NOW.

  24. Right wingers take notice. There were 2, count them 2 professional camera people there. How did they know to be there, and notice they weren’t actually unbiased in their reactions. I hate to see any humans hurt. But it would have been funny as hell for an Apache helicopter to come over the hill and bring some dust up around that bunch of rednecks.

  25. besides imagining arnold saying “i’ll be back” (with a lot more firepower than your raggedy ass militias have) i also recall the fate of al capone. the US government has nearly unlimited law enforcement resources but the right wing extremists should fear the IRS more.

  26. Obviously the Bumdy’s do not fear the IRS…they have not paid their leasing fees to the federal government for 20 years, oweing back taxes estimated 1 million dollars. The IRS can’t even enforce the current laws on the books regarding tax exception of who is a legitimate social welfare group (501C) and who is not, ie the tea party! And then apply the laws as written…..more tea party folks trying to get out of paying their fair share. ENFORCE THE LAW……WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS, ACT LIKE IT. BE FIRM. ITS IN THE BIBLE….START QUOTING IT,

  27. Good grief.

    1. Issa set up the entire IRS scandal. There is NO scandal. The tea thugs were not investigated any more then the liberal groups. Read the IRS’s Inspector Generals report before Issa got a hold of it and him.

    Dont you find it funny that the laws came from the Magna Carta? Dont you feel bad that god gave the laws to someone else first? Dont you feel foolish setting yourself up at some chosen people?

  28. The feds didn’t arrest Occupy people, and if you had a modicum of sense you’d know this Nevada stand off HAD to end peacefully because it is the excuse to open violence from the Right.

    The feds did not arrest Occupy people. It was local police. That is what happens in a resistance to basic civil law. And no one who was arrested got hard time, and the few who got hurt which was awful found the police were cited and disciplined which never would have occurred 30 years ago.

    This is qualitatively different from what the Occupy people did, and the federal authorities handled it perfectly. There is NO excuse for bloodshed when you don’t have to do so. If you’re slavering for a shootout, you’re despicable. Whose life is on the line – YOURS? No – leftish chickenhawks are just as disgusting as the rightish ones. Give it up – and grow up.

  29. buckeye – they’re the SAME people. The TP and the militia and the Sovereign Citizens have been around for decades. They want revolution, and thank heavens the feds this time learned from Waco and Ruby Ridge NOT to give it to them. There are ways to handle this that do not require stubborn confrontation with armed zealots.

    That is the first principle of hostage negotiation and terrorist stand off – do no harm if you can avoid it.

  30. Seriously? When have YOU been under siege from the right? You think answering these zealots with more firepower is the right thing to do? Great – Civil War part two.

    Do tell me when you’ve been under threat, when your life has been at risk. Do let us know what you’ve put out there that would attract their attention and make it necessary to be armed. And do tell us just whom you intend to shoot because I don’t trust YOU with a gun any more than I do these wackjobs.

    When the liberals think armed resistance – to what isn’t at all clear – is THE answer when they’re walking around safe and without harm, then we have seriously crossed the line into anarchy and not in a positive way.

    Those of us who have lost friends to the right extremists do NOT want your help. And if you’ve not personally been threatened by them – and I have been and am – then STFU and stop posturing. You make no more sense than the wackadoodle violent extremists on the Right.

  31. He is getting “due process.” He’s been allowing his cattle to graze on Federal (our) land for over twenty years without paying fees. The BLM had a judicial writ allowing them to remove the cattle on federal land. That’s due process.

  32. These Reich Wing TeaBagging GUN NUT asswipes should get exactly what they fear! Every American that displays the Gadsen flag or a rebel flag or NRA stickers and loves them seleves some god should be interned and every weapon they have be confiscated and melted down in prison bars.This needs to happen people! If we don’t disarm these knuckle draggers and put them away they will destroy this nation.

  33. Armed resistance? Nope. I would not use my firearm to resist their idealism. If I must use my firearm that is locked in a vault in a gun store, then you know it’s bad. I just suggested that maybe it’s getting to the point where the left will have to consider packing for their protection.

    As for being assaulted by the right, it happened to me a lot of time. I am a Person of Color and the white Christian conservative used to harass me quite a bit. Do they today? That’s why I live in California, in the ‘hood, where I feel a lot safer.

  34. I am not backed by the KOCH bros nor did I see anyone from FOX who I dislike as much as the MSM or lib networks. I just watched a man stand up to the government and asked for some help from regular folks. Some of you think you know what LAW is, and do not know the first thing about the meaning of words. Or dug into case LAW. Also most of you did not do enough research to see where this legal system that was put in usurped everything GOOD about the LAW. I will stick to my guns and the good book. So with your logic no state that was ever a territory ie Ohio has any legal right to the land because they were all purchased by the fed. So none of the men in office clearly represent the people of those said territories. Question is fees and or taxes. I could argue all night that this is just making the elite in Washington Richer which is a liberal mantra attack the rich. Why not go after all said big money politicians, Repubs and Demonrats and the $. Follow the money on both sides alway…

  35. So do we not have COMMON LAW the law of the land. Was this man property taken causing lose of that property. Standing in defiance of bad ACTS sounds like something MARTIN LUTHER KING WOULD DO. So I agree Peace through strength. Question does GOVERNMENT pass bad ACTS which have the force of law, but are not LAW. We repeal those that our government passes upon us that we turn around and say NO WAY (JIM CROW ACTS). Also courts are swayed one way or the other based on MONEY that evil thing Liberals hate as much as I do. I as well hate the GE CORPS of the world not paying any TAXES and donating money to said president or POLITICAL CLASSES. Its a joke on our system all around.

  36. You are forgetting one small point. IT WAS NOT HIS LAND. For the rest of that diatribe well lets just say you should step away from the keyboard

  37. Well it was that treaty in 1848 which ceded the land to the US government then you have the Nevada Constitution states: That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.

    And finally the US Constitution Clause 2: Federal Property and Territory Clause
    The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.

  38. I believe you should look at all the facts and not condemn a man for standing up for his rights, and to condemn those in support without the facts need to look deeper into the hole. Harry reid, his china connections, the blm sell off and lease of land to foreign countries, the money being made from the takeover of the ranchers land, the run off of other ranchers in the area, the sell off of military ports, water, energy, military bases and mass highway corridors, agenda 21 etc. without the facts your comments are based upon ignorance and error and instead you probably support the chains of liberty being hoisted upon us.

  39. Oh cut it out. All that crap is pure bullshit. No other ranchers were run off. The solar Farm would have been far from Bundys ranch. He was taken to court by Reagan and Clinton. He was NOT standing up for his rights. Stop being so stupid. It had nothing to do with Harry Reid. Are you proud of your sources? They are lying to you.

    Its YOUR ignorance and errors that are on display here. And I for one am tired of hearing it.

  40. That idiot Cancer Lady admitted that she was perched on the front of one of the vehicles. She said that she had to move back as one vehicle moved forward.

    If some BLM agent or NV state patrolman knocked her to the ground, it was probably to save her life to keep her from getting run over by the wheels of the vehicle.

  41. Not one person was arrested. Yep. Because the feds couldn’t get close enough to do that. That is the WHOLE POINT!

    Personally, it seems kind of silly. The militas should protect ALL major protests from feds. If they had defended the Wall Street Protests, that by the way, got beaten and peppersprayed into oblivion, would you guys feel differently?

    I think the problem is big gov’t and BIG business. Not our neighbors. Not the 53 ranchers forced out (and they WERE), and the last rancher standing putting all he has into stopping BIG business and Overreaching gov’t.

  42. When people oppose ‘big government’ while giving ‘big business’ a free pass, they are NOT looking after the little guy.

  43. And just who the high and mighty hell are you to tell someone? You can puff your chest out and complain about everyone else, but >>I<>I<< have faced down armed corporate thugs and Company paid for local police. In blizzards and heatwaves.You're no different than the rest of the Plutarch right wingers when you dismiss and discount someone else's struggles against right wing tyranny. How dare you! I didn't see you when I was neck deep in the snow of the Fulda Gap, and I sure as hell didn't see you on any of my picket lines, so again, who are YOU to tell someone how to conduct their lives and struggles? Contrary to your minor opinion, violence and the threat of it DOES work. Ask the people of the Ukraine or anyone else affected by the reich wing. And if violence is the absolute last resort to prevent tyranny, so be it.

  44. Get YOUR story right. The entire western part of the US was gained in reparations after the Mexican-American war, and when the TERRITORY of Nevada petitioned for statehood, it did so with a clause in the agreement that the “open” lands would be Federal property and under Federal management. The disputed lands aren’t Nevada state property and aren’t under Nevada Jurisdiction. This conflict also has little to nothing to do with Desert “TORTOISES” (Not turtles), nothing to do with fracking (a right wing propaganda myth), nothing to do with Harry Reid’s son and Chinese solar farms (at least 20 miles away), it has more to do with a wealthy ( and heavily armed) rancher trying to steal from public lands (our public lands)and media hype than anything else. Learn what you’re replying about before admonishing someone to do the same.

  45. Yeah! What He said!…. But in the mean time, these people are great supporters of free speech…. Just as long as you’re not part of a Union, not a socialist, and are white,kkkristian gun toting bible thumper. Anyone else isn’t human and doesn’t count. It is funny that the libertardian tea baggers have enlisted environmentalists ( because of the “fracking allegations), and progressives on to their side based on myths and falsehoods about what is going on, as opposed to reality.

  46. “I am not backed by the KOCH bros ” (of course not, you just support whatever they tell you to)

    “I just watched a man stand up to the government and asked for some help from regular folks.”
    ( You watched a wealthy rancher and his armed militia thugs attempt an armed confrontation with legitimate law enforcement, over said criminal’s theft of public property)

    “Some of you think you know what LAW is, and do not know the first thing about the meaning of words.”
    (speak for yourself and take your own advise. You’re currently clueless about the situation)

    “I will stick to my guns and the good book.”
    (In other words, you would rather cherry pick quotations than actually read the much edited mythological tome)

    “So with your logic no state that was ever a territory ie Ohio has any legal right to the land because they were all purchased by the fed.”
    (Obviously, history wasn’t your forte’? The entire country, was at one time or another, Federal property, sold by parcel to citi…

  47. “I believe you should look at all the facts and not condemn a man for standing up for his rights,”
    ( he has no rights, the federal government (Us) own the land, and as the landlord, we can do as WE please)
    Harry reid, his china connections, the blm sell off and lease of land to foreign countries,”

    (Oh please!, That myth was fabricated by the right. The “chinaman solar farm” didn’t wont happen and would’ve been miles away)
    “the sell off of military ports, water, energy, military bases and mass highway corridors, agenda 21 etc.”

    (More paranoid U.N. conspiracy theories without any basis)

    “without the facts your comments are based upon ignorance and error”

    (Take to heart, your own words)

    “and instead you probably support the chains of liberty being hoisted upon us.”

    ( Now that’s a good one. “Chains of Liberty”? So liberty is now an idea that eliminates freedom? Ever heard the word “oxymoronic”?)

  48. “Not one person was arrested. Yep. Because the feds couldn’t get close enough to do that. That is the WHOLE POINT!”

    (So, the next time a Labor Union has a strike/picket, you have no objections to us bringing our weapons and gas masks? Of course not. Free speech and having weapons only applies to white right wing protestant land owners.)

    “Personally, it seems kind of silly. The militas should protect ALL major protests from feds. If they had defended the Wall Street Protests, that by the way, got beaten and peppersprayed into oblivion, would you guys feel differently?”

    (See previous statement)

    “I think the problem is big gov’t and BIG business.”
    (Like agribusiness with all those subsidies?)

    “Not our neighbors.”

    (Not my neighbors)

    “Not the 53 ranchers forced out (and they WERE),”

    (Ranching in a desert, subsidized by the taxpayers)

    “and the last rancher standing putting all he has into stopping BIG business and Overreaching gov’t.”

  49. Bundy is a Moocher…Clinton and Bush Courts found him guilty for having cattle on Government land without a permit. He does not own the land and never did…He owns a melon farm…that’s all the land he OWNS..He is a moocher. Over 1000 ranchers (actually More) pay the government per head of cattle who graze on Federal Land …Bundy is the only one who refuses to pay the fee…for the last 20 years…he quit paying in 1997 I believe. So those who support him are as bad as he is. If it was HIS land they would have a point…but he doesn’t own it and never did …neither do the hundreds of ranchers who pay their grazing fees.

  50. Actually, the planned solar farm is 40 miles away and they plan to use his ranch area as mitigation for the endangered desert tortoise…except that land also has a potentially large reserve of precious metals, and in 2013 orders came down to euthanize the endangered tortoise population…so all that stands between exploitation of those metals is now a homesteader and no pesky endangered animals. It is also a test run for the rest of the planned solar energy zones and some 19 million acres of exploitable land. This comes down from the Federal government:

    Bundy Ranch: Precious Metals and “Competitive Leasing”


  51. Sadly, it’s a statement of fact. I do have a rifle and I shoot targets not animals or human. My rifle is locked in a safe at a gun store. I can’t hunt as it would bother me.

    Yet now these same teabaggers are stopping people on the highway and demanding proof of citizenship. Will I have to defend myself from them? I hope not, but who knows?

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