The Video You Need to Share About Romney’s 47 % Victims

Here’s a video you can send to your Independent and Republican friends who want to know what Mitt Romney meant when he called half of America victims. The DNC ad titled “Mitt Romney: Outside the Circle” sums up perfectly, from mostly mainstream and conservative pundits, what Romney got wrong.

Talking to wealthy donors, Mitt Romney disdainfully dismissed half of America. Here’s a roundup of reaction:

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Most touching was the Anderson Cooper clip where CNN’s John King talked about the time his family had to go on federal assistance when his dad got sick. He said his dad was awfully ashamed, but his mother was glad she could feed her kids. I say to Mitt Romney and the Republicans pushing this Randian idea of an America devoid of compassion, do you have any idea how hard it is for most people to accept help?

Here’s the full clip of John King talking about his family being on food stamps, explaining that they didn’t feel entitled and they weren’t victims:

The folks I grew up around, in the heartland of America, take great pride in their work ethic. They’re good people. They don’t want to ask for help, but when they have kids who are starving, what would any parent do?

Shame on Mitt Romney and Republicans for calling these hard working people victims. Our veterans, troops, starving children, grandparents, and disabled family and friends are not victims and they deserve their dignity. They deserve the same sense of worth as Romney feels so entitled to, even though he has no idea what it takes to rise from poverty as my grandparents did, and his father did.

My grandfather actually knew George Romney, and although Grandpa is a lifelong Democrat, he said he would have voted for George Romney for President. George was a good man, someone who was himself on government assistance and then rose to make something of himself through hard work and the social safety net that defines America. Unfortunately, George’s son Mitt did not learn the lessons of humility and grace that his father did, or face the need to over come pride in order to feed your children or learn the lesson of having to work because your life depends on it.

Who is more courageous and admirable, the person who works hard all of their life and serves their country who at some point needs some help from the government so they can get back on their feet, or the person who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, taunting that hard worker/veteran like a high school bully? What a small, mean little heart Mitt Romney has, and frankly, what a fool he is. He thinks his good luck makes him better than others, because he doesn’t know enough about life to know that it’s not fair. But hard working Americans don’t begrudge him his good luck; they just want to be treated with some dignity.

In America, we do not classify people who are born to the manor as better than others — that’s not what this country was founded on. They are luckier than others, but not better. Luck isn’t a reflection of character. Character is something you earn the hard way, and Mitt Romney doesn’t have it.

Mitt Romney is not an example of what makes this country great; the American people are. And for him to look down his nose at them makes him an insufferable and foolish, but dangerous, prig.

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