Religious Right Resorts to Schoolyard Tactic of Calling Obama Gay

The Face of Hate
The Face of Hate

We saw at the end of June how Stan Solomon called President Barack Obama a wussy drag queen. There is a growing chorus now of religious extremists directing at our president the schoolyard taunt of “you’re gay!”

Nothing epitomizes the Religious Right’s bullying, juvenile mentality more than calling somebody gay. Even my son, growing up in a tolerant household, has picked up on it from his schoolmates.

Just to make my point, my son is going into third grade. These “gentlemen” are supposed to be adults.

Greg Quinlan, the self-loathing, anti-gay gay activist (he says he is “reformed”), appeared on Sons of Liberty Radio to tell the in-all-likelihood-gay Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillan, that once upon a gay old time, he was a supporter of Human Rights Campaign.

There, he learned the deep-dark Beckian secrets designed to horrify and titillate the religious fanatics who listen to this stuff.

“As I put it, what the Devil turned me to do I can now use for the Lord,” Quinlan said. And what he learned was that Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy and Elena Kagan are gay. And not in a happy “we’ll have a gay old time” sense.

Both of them are “black-robed Nazis,” he says.

Now what you have to understand here is that where tactics of brutal suppression are concerned, “black-robed” is a term fraught with historical significance in the history of the church:

The monks of the early Christian empire have been called the “shock troops” of Christianization. Some of the more benign activities the monks devoted themselves to in the interest of spreading the faith was the profaning of Pagan holy sites.

The fifth century Life of St. Hypatius is instructive in this regard, telling how during Hypatius’ missionary work in Phrygia and Bithynia (places supposedly already full of Christians four centuries earlier) he heard of a tree or other cult object being “worshipped.” Hypatius dashed to the place at once, bringing along his disciples, the monks, who cut it down and burned it. And it wasn’t always trees they burned.

H.A. Drake observed that Pagans were not the only victims of the black robes:

Heresy is…the issue that mobilized the monks behind a message of coercion instead of love…pagan critics like Libanius and Eunapius provide vivid accounts of rampaging, black-robed mobs, and even the catholic emperor Theodosius is known to have remarked that ‘the monks commit many crimes’…

And speaking of crimes, according to Quinlan, the two justices are only trying through their ruling to “accommodate their own personal predilections, including their own sexuality.”
Because it’s impossible to simply be open-minded and tolerant?

And of course, we don’t have a First Amendment or anything.

And then comes the jab at Obama, perhaps the most open-minded and tolerant president we have ever had:

“Mr. Kennedy has a predilection on the down low,” Quinlan, as Right Wing Watch put it, channeled Pat Robertson, and President Obama, he said, is also “a down low president.”

Nor was Rachel Maddow safe from these thugs. Bradlee Dean, especially, has it out for Maddow since he sued her for 50 million and lost (he doesn’t like me much either). As Right Wing Watch tells it, McMillan asked on behalf of his buddy Dean if Quinlan thought Maddow “would be considered a butch or a femme.”

Quinlan offered his opinion that Maddow is both: butch because she’s a Nazi (because we all know the Nazis were gay) and a femme because she wears lipstick. I am going to speculate here that more than a few of the Religious Right’s leaders wear, or yearn to wear, lipstick.

I’m not sayin’. Just sayin’.

So third grade name-calling completed, this trio of juvenile delinquents said that the gays are coming after our children. I suppose, at the same time the blacks are coming for our guns. Maybe it’s a coordinated effort while the Mexicans smuggle explosives across the border in their anuses.

Oh my God, hide the children! I mean, it’s a Blue Light run on Bible-bearing white folks in Aisle 6!

“We speak to it from protecting the next generation. My gosh, the crimes are horrendous and we know what the end of it is, they are always going for the schools, they want little boys,” said McMillan, and lesbians want little girls.

I sense there is an awful lot of projection going on in this crowd.

Again, I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’.

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