Obama Attacks Get Absurd as the President Is Called a Wussy Gay Drag Queen

Stan Solomon
To say Stan Solomon, of the Talk to Solomon Internet TV show, is a homophobe, understates Solomon’s obsession with man-on-man topics. He is not only a guy who supports the crazy Pink Swastika theories that gays were behind Nazism but claims that Obama is putting together an army of black people to kill white people.

If you don’t know who Stan Solomon is, he has as his frequent (and deranged) guests, people like Alan Keyes (the guy who says Satan is using gays to destroy America and that Marriage Equality is a crime against humanity) and Larry Pratt, the Gun Owners of America Guy.

Pratt, incidentally, has done one better than the NRA’s tale about the Obama taking away white folks’ guns and giving them to black folks. Pratt says we have to stop immigration because immigrants will “vote to take away our guns.” And not only immigrants, but welfare recipients!

Because everyone knows Hispanics and welfare recipients hate guns, right?(though who could blame either group for not wanting crazy racist white guys to have guns?).

Right Wing Watch points to an interview Solomon did with Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafy last week, an interview which created not a man-on-man but a loon-on-loon meeting of the minds. Schlafy thinks that feminists control the Obama administration, which probably explains the almost complete absence of women in Obama’s administration (just sayin’).

But Solomon somehow saw in these comments from Schlafy an opportunity to indulge in his gay fantasies (because gay men are somehow dominated by women?), speculating that,

Barack Obama is a wussy guy who throws a ball like a girl, who everyone knows was involved in homosexuality and I think he is the stereotypical – if he could get away with it he’d be in drag. I don’t think he’s a man at all and he leads a whole group of men that are that way.

Next we’ll be told Obama likes Elizabeth Warren to spank him.

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Somebody’s projecting, from the sounds of it. I mean, this is a man who is as obsessed with homosexuality as my 9-year-old son is with the game Minecraft or some of us are with World of Warcraft or World of Tanks.

In fact, Solomon’s homophobia is so extreme that his homophobic tweets forced his resignation as campaign manager for Republican Marvin Scott, who was running for Indiana’s 7th District Congressional Campaign.

So much does Solomon go on about men doing manly things with other manly men that one wonders if Solomon himself doesn’t prefer the company of men to the company of women in any and all situations.

You’ve got to wonder too about homophobic talk-show host Steve Deace, who likes to fantasize about assaulting basketball player Jason Collins. The passion with which he pursues the subject leaves you wondering just what the nature of this assault would be, if you take my meaning.

The GOP as the party of self-loathing angry gay men?

Not sayin’. Just sayin’.

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