New Report Shatters The Trump Myth About Illegal Obama Administration Surveillance

Donald Trump

"One congressional intelligence source described the requests made by [Susan Rice] as 'normal and appropriate' for officials who serve in that role to the president."

Former Bush Ethics Official Says Russian Spies Are “Running Around The West Wing”

Donald Trump

"It’s the KGB agents running around the West Wing or the national security council."

The Obama White House Quietly Left Trail Of Russia Intel So Trump Couldn’t Destroy It

Barack Obama Oval Office

Officials in the Obama administration preserved intelligence related to Russia's connections to the Trump campaign.

Trump Administration Was Warned Last Month About Michael Flynn’s Ties To Russia

Trump white house

Top Obama officials told the new administration that Flynn "was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail."

The Obama Administration Will Direct All Public Schools to Let Transgender Students Use the Bathroom That Matches Their Identity

transgender bathroom rights

The Obama White House takes a huge stand in the fight to expand the rights of transgender Americans.

Donald Trump Dishonestly Claims Obama Won’t Deport Criminals

Trump claims Obama isn't deporting criminals, but this is a Republican lie often told, and often refuted

Tucker Carlson and Erick Erickson Agree Obama is Coming for “Our Guns”

The two men got worked up over armed EPA agents, ignoring of course the threat of armed anti-government conservatives like Cliven Bundy

Jerusalem Post Deputy Managing Editor: Obama May Love Jews, But he is an Anti-Semite

We're back to President Obama being accused of anti-Semitism because he won't let Israel dictate America's foreign policy

Republicans Push the Benghazi Video Lie to Discredit Hillary Clinton

But there really was an offensive video, and it did actually offend Muslims, and it did actually play a role in the attack that left four Americans dead

Hobby Lobby II Case Could Impose Right Wing Evangelical Tyranny On Health Insurers

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito opened a Pandora's box that has the potential to give some corporations the right to impose their "deeply held" religious objections to birth control on other corporations.

Obama Attacked for Announcing Cuba is No Longer a State Sponsor of Terror

The resultant Republican freakout is not unexpected, as it violates not only the status quo but further silences the drums of war

McConnell Warns Foreign Nations That GOP Will Undermine Obama Climate Change Deals

Taking a page out of a freshman Senator Tom Cotton's playbook, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a threat to the world's nations that America is an exceptionally deceitful country that cannot be trusted to honor its pledge to reduce carbon emissions and help diminish the devastating effects of global climate change.

Real Economist Paul Krugman Calls Republican Budget A Trillion Dollar Con Job

Republicans only know one approach to economic policy; the abject failure and scam known as trickle down with a healthy dose of Draconian austerity. Those features epitomize the most recent budget proposal Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman officially and accurately labeled as a "trillion dollar con job."

General Accuses Tom Cotton and 46 Other Republican Senators Of Mutiny

Major Gen. Paul D. Eaton stopped short of calling Cotton and 46 Republicans traitors. As a career military man Eaton used the appropriate label for Cotton's lack of ethics and knowledge of his place as a congressional representative.

No, Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Syria Was Nothing Like “Tehran Tom’s” Iran Letter

Attempts to link Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria with Cotton's Iran letter, fail, as Pelosi was even briefed by the White House before she went

“Tehran Tom” Cotton’s Iran Blunder Has Made Him the New Hanoi Jane

tom cotton morning joe

As the saying goes, stupidity is its own reward, and Republican Senator Tom Cotton has certainly proven the truth of that anonymous proverb

Todd Starnes Says Muslim Holy Days in Public Schools Persecute Christians

It is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with somebody who wants a holiday which falls in the fall to be called the "mid-spring break"

John McCain Tag Teams With Morning Joe To Label Obama’s Foreign Policy As “Delusional”

On Monday morning, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) did what he does best, which is preen for the cameras and make a couple of appearances on cable news shows. McCain made his way over to MSNBC's studio for an extended sit down with the Morning Joe crew.

5 Big Whoppers from Speaker Boehner

Unwilling to do anything to help Americans, John Boehner concocts some more self-serving lies to blame Obama for his own failings

Rudy Giuliani Reaches New Low By Claiming President Obama Doesn’t Love America

During a dinner Wednesday night, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told a group of prominent Republicans that he believes that President Obama does not love America and "he wasn't brought up the way you were brought up."