Do Other Countries Really ‘Hate’ Obama as the Right Claims?



Oh, how they hate Obama. I mean ‘hate’ with a capital “H.” We’re talking about most of the world’s population. I know this animus to be true because the right wing echo chamber led by wildly overpaid, radical talk show hosts, Fox News, and pollsters tell me so, relentlessly.

Tracking this hate back to just after the G.W. Bush departure, a compilation of a wigged-out right-wing sites and others of a similar mien continuously examine the premise, why the world “Hates” Obama or euphemistically, U.S. “leadership.” One of the president’s shortcomings is apparently his refusal to fight every Muslim nation on the planet. Whenever he doesn’t send your son or daughter to a far-off land to get butchered for essentially local civil-religious wars and multi-national oil interests, he’s accused of being an appeaser. His Nobel Peace Prize is held in total contempt by the warmongers. Trying to prevent needless deaths is perceived as “hostility to American power.”

Many of these statements are by some guy named Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow and a professional hater with the so-called “Freedom Center.” Greenfield is always promoted as being on the cusp of writing a book about the most recent alleged administration snafu consuming his small band of paranoids. I haven’t seen any best seller titles as yet, but I do spot a few largely ignored hate-pieces aimed at anything or anybody to do with the Obama administration. The Center was founded by former commie, David Horowitz, who has prospered nicely by pocketing a large percentage of his supporter and underwriter’s money (the Olin and Scaife Foundations among them). His salaries have approached a half-million annually for which he appears to do very little. Hate PAYS!!!

The latest Greenfield project is strongly opposing amnesty for young, undocumented Hispanics in the U.S. who are deemed responsible for more guns and gang violence. More guns? Your uncle Bubba has more firepower in his basement than all of Compton. Uh, Dan, the causation of gang violence is socio-economic. You see, when a group of people is repressed and not given the oppor…oh, never mind!!!

Other Obama-bashings include: His administration is a rolling disaster and “He’s failed from sea to shining sea.” A Pew Research Center survey is referenced that since 2009, favorable attitudes toward the U.S. had slipped everywhere in the world except Russia and Japan. American (read Obama)-hating surveys and lists are always appearing in assorted right-wing rags including the Wall Street Journal. “The 9 countries that hate us the most. The 10 countries that hate us the most. The 5 countries that hate us the most.” A sampling from assorted lists from last year includes Pakistan, Jordan, Palestinian territories, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, China, Argentina, Tunisia and Lebanon. Well, I guess I would agree with Tunisia, where the infamous “Arab Spring” took flight. Egypt would fluctuate with political and nationalist’s winds. Turkey, as Obama-basher is total nonsense. Anyone who has visited or has been stationed in that country would absolutely agree that the Turkish population is very friendly toward Americans.

If Congress would tell the American people the truth, they would be forced to concede that Turkey was a major player in the reason for the Benghazi attack as the late Ambassador Stevens, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar met multiple times in secret to plot moves against certain Middle East governments.
If the Greeks hate Obama, they sure hide it well. Hard economic times can blip up a poll, but hate Obama? Not a chance. China can’t afford to hate the president with their huge investment in the U.S. and vice-versa. China’s young population is growing more Americanized by the day.

The presence of Jordan on the list is absurd beyond absurd. Historically, the late King Hussein, who was married to an American by the way, was one of the great leaders of modern times, balancing the interests of numerous bellicose allies and enemies alike. Upon assuming his leadership role that he was to hold for 46 years before his 1999 death from cancer (treated in the U.S.), Hussein single-handedly pulled his countrymen up by their bootstraps and by any civil and social measure, improved the lot of Jordanian citizens enormously.

Current leader, King Abdullah the second, recently spent a few days in Washington, hitting Capitol Hill, the Pentagon and the State Department before meeting with President Obama at Rancho Mirage for some statecraft and a weekend of golf for the president. Amendments to Jordan’s anti-terrorism law were passed a couple of months ago, calling for the criminalization of any Jordanians associated with terrorist groups. Japan, hating Obama? What misleading tripe. Pakistan may indeed think ill of the president from time to time, but, as in every other instance of Mid-East hatred referenced in these polls, it all depends upon whom you ask. Is it a representative sample? Is the poll random or targeted? And who is paying the pollster for desired results? Is there anything easier to manipulate than a poll? The answer (not counting viewers of Fox News) is a resounding, NO!

When I hear anything come out of a Rupert Murdoch (News Corps-owned property such as the Wall Street Journal, I immediately dismiss the findings and their special interests irrelevancy.
A Gallup poll naming most of the above countries was done in cooperation with the Meridian International Center. George W. Bush’s former Commerce Secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, who was a driving force behind the Central America Free Trade Agreement, now heads Meridian. CAFTA’s endless negatives are accurately and comprehensively listed here at a website called “Global Exchange.”

Let’s get to the objective truth of who “hates” Barack Obama. My daughter, an International Law Attorney, just returned from The Hague. She was a U.S. delegate to the “Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).” Members from every corner of the globe gather to discuss and occasionally act on such esoteric ‘conventions’ as treaty considerations of Service, Evidence, Access to Justice, Enforcing Judgments and drafting Handbooks. It lasts a few days and participants not only tend to the business at hand, there’s plenty of time to interact and socialize. There are representatives of the most important of the 76 official member countries and an additional 68 signatories to one or more of the Hague conventions. These people don’t need partisan push-polls to accurately read the political tea leaves of their citizenry.

My next observation is anecdotal and not at all scientific, but it’s way closer to the truth than Gallup and their global power-mad running partner, Meridian. Here is my daughter’s assessment of the attendee’s feelings about U.S. President Obama. Quote: “They love him.” No qualifications. Everybody she talked to loved Obama. Conversely they unanimously expressed something largely ignored by many of these international polls and certainly on Fox and the talk shows. They all still harbor a deep hatred of George W. Bush.

It’s important to know that my daughter is largely apolitical. I hadn’t even thought to suggest the question of Obama to her before she left. But she’s as close as I’ll get to objective and she’s chocked full of integrity and honesty. She didn’t give me the answer she thought I wanted to hear; she just passed on the truth.

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  1. Lying comes as naturally to Republicans as breathing does to everyone else.

    If Republicans had to tell the truth all the time, I think their heads would explode.

  2. The debunkifier is correct…
    In fact, in most cases, what the FRWNJs claim is the diametric opposite of the truth…that’s a logical fallacy known as “projection”….

  3. I checked the Web to see which polls were available. Clearly as Obama went into his 2nd term election, the rest of the world approved of him hands down over Romney:

    And as of 8/2013, this Pew Research article absolutely debunks any claims he is hated:

    Global Opinion of Barack Obama | Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project

    Amazing how much BS comes from the Right.

  4. I found the same love for our president all throughout the UK. In fact google Barack Obama Plaza, Ireland. They really love him. AND it is true that they have very negative feelings for G W Bush. Thanks for the great article although I don’t believe the right people will read it.

  5. Dennis, please note as a Pakistani Citizen, I myself don’t hate America. Although if you take up information based on electronic votes through computer based polls you will never receive a serious and definite answer.

    Although, you tend to base your article on the times when their were conflicts of policies and civil distress in both countries. Including many, many events that were being transgressed at the time.

    Why don’t you wait and re-check after some problems in both countries settle down? It’s like having conflicts on a policy and right after that pointing at each other and saying “That Country Hates Us!”…

    Doesn’t really make sense, what’s your point Dennis? What are you trying to point out?

  6. FOX has to use fake pictures and fake footage to tell their lies.

    Remember the time they silenced 10 seconds of footage at a military base because it was rapturous applause for the President?

    If it’s on Faux News it’s Faux News.

  7. When you have to lie about your opponent, gerrymander your districts, and suppress voter rights. You’re not of the people, by the people, or for the people.

  8. This tripe is Palin’s favorite attack line…Obama hates America, and thus, the world hates Obama. Like every other word out of that pained ugly mouth, it’s lies. The RW needs to feed the anger to keep their riots buying guns, shooting each other, and then blaming the President. If the NIH comes out with a study that Americans are getting more warts, the right will blame Obama. But if they come out with a study that children are becoming more active and getting away from the high calorie foods, THAT will not be due to Mrs. Obama’s initiatives. Oh no. That will be a victory for GWB, like getting bin Laden. The hatred is burning them up. We need to out them out of their misery in November.

  9. Obama has bought back a lot of respect to the US that was lost by Bush/Cheney who they would like to try for war crimes.

    It did not take the Brits long to name Romney Mitt the twit, the british are not easy to fool!

  10. No, the “rest of the world” doesn’t “hate Obama” … they cheered first and then his second election.

  11. I am an American living in Colombia. Questions I am continually asked; why haven’t Bush and Cheney been charged with war crimes, why is the culture so in love with guns and killing each other, why are your prisons so full with black people? Obama – they like and respect him. Government down here leans heavily to the right so there is not a lot of official love, but in general conversation they see him as a good, honest man. It’s the American Congress they hate!

  12. The Reich Wing in Amerika hates Obama because they can’t beat him. And if they think obstructionism is “beating” him then they are as usual wrong again. The Reich Wing is the perfect example of an “ugly American”

  13. Pres. Obama scores another victory against terrorism. So Chuck Todd (MSNBC) produce a poll on morning Joke, that declared PBO presidency is over. Seriously?

    PPP came out yesterday shows that Amer. ppl agree w/ Pres. over McCain 54/28. Even GOP agree w/ the Pres. 49/30 on issue of combat troops in Iraq..
    Pres. oversea trip to celebrate 70th D-Day was a success. Where he (Pres.) got standing ovations & cheers everywhere he went.

    The Amer. media is getting slam for their fail coverage on Irag w/ guests that was wrong on everything.
    So let’s produce a bogus poll showing the failure of this Pres..

  14. the only ones who truly hate Obama are white racist right of this country! Other countries only hate him because he is US President!

  15. Chuck Todd is a little idiot of no consequence, his claim to fame or infamy was when he said it was not his job to check the accuracy of his reports.

  16. Wow…..took a coupe of seconds to really wrap my head around your words. Almost like a refreshing, warm, spring breeze.

    The places I’ve been fortunate to visit, people have always said….”please, please don’t get another gw bush in your government!!! He almost wiped out the concept of freedom and democracy!”.

    And as for President Obama, they have nothing but praise and really seem to like him….almost a JFK type of like. They sure equate him to the late JFK.

    With that said, life is what it is and sometimes terrible things happen in life, that no one can control….i.e., as how gw bush was successfully installed as a corporate stooge, against the populations wishes.

  17. The people around this world, hate Fox Hates & Lies TV station and their sick, disgusting, despicable, hateful, hate filled, hate mongering haters full of lies that preach the hate and lies of the republican right. The world hates the American GOP, the world sees the destruction the republicans of America has wrought upon it. The GOP is everything that is wrong with this country and this world.

  18. his daughter is right. I love to travel, and from what I hear and see, they love him. the republicans are once again projecting how they feel towards other nations, ethnic groups, and cultures.

    this is what happens when you are exclusive and feel the world revolves around the united states. you feel superior and believe everybody thinks as you do.

  19. Our European friends, from Denmark, France and Germany, all have the highest respect and regard for President Obama. Where the US right and their puppet media come up with their statements just amazes me – such creativity. . . .

  20. @Joseph P. Uhl, I completely agree. The GOP’s obstruction has hurt the people in the US far more than their intended target President Obama. The Bush Administrations reckless spending sprees that caused one of the worst recessions this country has ever seen could have been less painful for the people had the GOP worked with president and allowed a quicker recovery.

    As for the rest of the world hating Obama, it’s not only just plain silly, it’s not even newsworthy. The GOP RW Cons are so consumed by their hated for all things Obama, they can’t even see straight. IMO nothing good is ever achived by hatred except for the haters putting more wear & tear on their bodies.

  21. how any sane person can still support obama is one of life’s mysteries. is it ok to lie, cheat, abuse power? is it ok to put his political bias over the welfare of his nation?

  22. Exactly how is the President abusing his power and putting “political bias” over the welfare of this nation?

    Because he’s trying to help the most people he can in the face of a do-nothing Congress?

    What has the GOP done for you lately, Daniel? What have they done to help anyone other than themselves and their corporate masters?

    By the way, Executive Orders are not an abuse of power no matter how much the GOP screams otherwise – see the Constitution for confirmation.

  23. I am sorry to tell you this but nothing any of them tell you is the truth and therein lies our biggest problem. We cannot seem to rid ourselves of the Democrats and Republicans. They have destroyed this country with corruption, greed, cronyism and lies, dirty deals, lobbyists, special favors-it just goes on and on. The Constitutional Republic is the best government in the world it’s too bad dishonest greedy people screw it up. I think it worth another try based on lessons learned over the past 200+ years. We just have to rid ourselves of the corrupt political ruling class that have a stranglehold on all of us.

  24. Ann a dislike of someone is not grounds for a Lawsuit nor impeachment.

    Look up some pages on Civics understand how the branch of the government work. Understand executive privilege. Look how the speaker of the house refuses to bring legislation to a vote . Oy just because Fox News says it so, doesn’t mean it is so.

  25. The Tea Party’s main objective is to cripple and disempower the federal government. To cast doubt on the Congress that it can do its job. Which it is doing by its extreme tactics. People have not discerned between Democrats or Republicans but congress as a whole is perceived as the failure.

    That my man means the Tea Baggers are ding their job

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