Republicans Announce That They Are Back At Work By Calling Obama Arrogant

Brad Wenstrup

Much excitement was to be had at the opening of Representative Brad Wenstrup’s (R-OH) weekly Republican address, as he opened it with promises of getting back to work for the American people. This from the Do-Nothingiest House on record was encouraging.

… Until Wenstrup made the mistake of getting specific. It turns out that the Republican “plans” for getting things done include blaming Obama for what they can’t or won’t do (pass immigration reform), passing off his Veterans Jobs Bill as their own and taking credit for it, calling the Keystone Pipeline a jobs bill against all evidence, taking a stand against a free and open Internet and the topper – pettily accusing the Obama administration of “arrogance”.

Grab a mint julep with your dog whistle and watch here:

Good morning, I’m Dr. Brad Wenstrup, and I have the honor of representing Ohio’s Second Congressional District.

In the days since the election, Republicans have begun to make good on our vow to honor your trust by focusing first on jobs and the economy.

On Friday, the House voted to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which will help lower energy costs and get people back to work. We ask President Obama and Senate Democrats to finally give this project the green light that the American people have been waiting for.

We’ll also work to pass the Hire More Heroes Act, which will encourage businesses large and small to hire America’s veterans – the very Americans to which we owe our security and freedom.

We’ll take on ObamaCare… and we’ll propose that Congress – not the bureaucrats – has the final say on all new major regulations.

This is just a start on getting some important things done in the months ahead.

Now, after the election, the president may have said “I hear you,” but by the looks of things, it’s just the opposite.

On Monday, he proposed a new set of rules to regulate – of all things – the Internet, one of the few places innovation has thrived, even in a struggling economy.

Then he agreed with the Chinese government on rules that continue his misguided crusade against affordable, reliable energy. In this economy, we need relief from the EPA’s grip, not more heavy-handed mandates that take away American jobs and squeeze middle-class families.

The president also continues to raise the possibility of taking unilateral action on executive amnesty. We’ve warned him that such action would make it that much harder to pass immigration reform and find common ground.

Sadly, there’s even more.

We’ve now come to learn that one of ObamaCare’s architects said the law passed because Americans were “too stupid to know” what was happening.

This is the same arrogance we’ve seen time and time again from this administration and its allies. This is insulting to all of us.

They say one thing and do another. They spend money we don’t have – with little to show for it but more debt and broken promises. And they stay off course – even when hardworking people are stuck earning less and paying more for just about everything.

Americans deserve far better.

You deserve a government that doesn’t just “hear you,” but actually listens to you and puts your priorities first – that focuses on securing more jobs and a better future for our children.

That’s what you can expect from the new Republican majority.

Usually when people are getting to work to solve problems, they don’t start off by calling the other side names and preemptively blaming the other side for their own seemingly predictable failures. This is not how hard working Americans behave at work. Can you imagine, the day after being hired, if you strolled into the boss’s office to announce that the company would be to blame for your failures if they tried to pressure you to get anything done, oh, and by the way, the other employees, whose work you claim as your own, are “arrogant”. Yeah, that totally says “Hey, I’m here to work!”

Republicans call this “honoring the American people’s trust by focusing first on jobs and the economy.” The truth is, they are getting back to work for Big Oil and the Koch Brothers. Senator Bernie Sanders already laid to waste the false GOP narrative that the Keystone Pipeline will lower gas prices. Nope. It’s actually going to cause the price of gas to increase in the United States. So that’s “honoring” your trust, GOP style.

They are going to honor y’all by taking away your healthcare coverage, giving big oil more of your money in order to create a handful of jobs while still refusing to pass any actual jobs bills, jack up the price of gas and accuse the first black President of being “arrogant” repeatedly while blaming him for their own incompetence.

Good times.

21 Replies to “Republicans Announce That They Are Back At Work By Calling Obama Arrogant”

  1. republicans in dc = no work being done by congress and just hot air coming from the house chambers with a hint o of wacky tabacoo

  2. We will, at every chance, vote to completely screw everyone but the 1%. Because the reality is, they are our true constituency. The voting population? Nothing but an annoyance to be dealt with every 2 years. I mean, they’re idiots, right? Who else could be stupid enough to vote to make themselves miserable? Unreal. We’ll lie through our teeth to get elected, but we’re not listening to a word you say. “That’s what you can expect from the new Republican majority.”

  3. First of all who is Brad Wenstrup? Another GOP do-nothing who finally decides to speak to make the people of Ohio think he’s doing something. All he is doing is following and doing what the GOP leadership tells him. His leadership works for the Koch bums, Wenstrup works for the GOP leadership, who works for the good people of Ohio. Just another damn flim-flam man.

  4. LIE#1 “the Keystone XL pipeline, which will help lower energy costs and get people back to work.” For appx 35-50 jobs… for Canadians.

    Lie#2 “We’ll take on ObamaCare…” meaning we will gut it.

    Lie#3 “In this economy, we need relief from the EPA’s grip, not more heavy-handed mandates that take away American jobs and squeeze middle-class families.” Even if they got rid of the EPA, all the money corporations save would be squirreled away in offshore accounts. Not jobs.

    Lie#4 “They spend money we don’t have – with little to show for it but more debt” My understanding is that the debt is going down. How does he explain this?

    Lie#5 “even when hardworking people are stuck earning less and paying more for just about everything.” Ummm how about a raise in the minimum wage? Think that might help? Ooopps that would cost the companies. Can’t do that.

    He thinks we are mushrooms.

  5. LIAR. That’s all. LIAR. I am astounded at how well they lie and continue to lie every second. If their lips are moving they are lying or sucking on the 1% Ass. Aren’t their children,spouses, cousins, neighbors disgusted with them? They can’t all be this deceitful, can they? Ugh!
    Dad, thank you so very very very much for NOT moving us to one of these stupid states after you retired from the USAF.

  6. We all know what arrogant means, have they used the word uppity lately, name calling is what they know how to do – legislate is beyond their tiny minds.
    Goodness, the arrogance of this black president trying to do things to help people while at the same time pay down Bush’s war debt!

  7. You have one heck of a great post – it’s accurate!

    I would add the oil is dirty tar sands – not good for environment, animal, human … and to other countries – nothing in the USA.

  8. What really gets to me: These so called representatives stand there and pontificate
    with nothing being said(true) claim, they are doing the job for the people with no shame at all. No shame they are really doing the job for the rich 1%. Also what gets me. How can the people who vote for these bombastic lying self important rethugs over and over not begin to see what they really are? I ask you, what have they ever, done for you?

  9. Not only is the tar sands oil extremely heavy, they have to add bitumen to it to move it through the pipeline. Then when it gets to the refineries in Port Arthur, Texas, they have to use more chemicals to remove the bitumen. Nasty, toxic soup. Plus Port Arthur is a Foreign Trade Zone, which means the Koch brothers will pay no taxes to have it refined and shipped, so the US doesn’t even get any tax revenue. But we will get to pay for the cleanup of the inevitable spill. Thanks for nothing, TransCanada and Kochs.

  10. Oh yes, our President is so “arrogant” for wanting to help this country, which is the OPPOSITE of what the Ratpukes want to do. All they care about is gutting anything that will put money in THEIR offshore bank accounts. Screw the country, screw the people, as long as the RatTHUGS get more $$$. Sickening.

  11. What the hell does he mean back to work. tHIS THE MOST LACK LUSTER do nothing Congress in years. The non passage of bills is one of their idea of work. You’d think they would reject the entitlement of a paycheck!!

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