To Delete Obama’s Agenda From History Republicans Violated Their Pledge To America


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In August 2012, tea partier Steve King (R-IA) told an audience he would “introduce one all-encompassing bill to repeal everything Obama has signed into law.” King was not just intent on deleting the Affordable Care Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) out of existence, but everything the President supported to erase the President’s agenda from the history books. Republicans lust for a veritable reset to reassert what they perceive as legitimate and legal American governance (white Republican dominance). Although King never followed through on his threat, there has been an ongoing Republican crusade to eradicate any legislative accomplish this President supported since the Koch brothers took control of the House after the 2010 midterms.

By now, only comatose Americans are unaware that Republicans lied through their collective teeth throughout the 2010 campaign that their entire focus would be creating jobs or governing for the people. Instead they immediately voted to repeal the President’s health law, railed against the stimulus, decried financial reform, attacked women’s rights, became fervent job killers, and violated one of their most solemn pledges to the American people. In their phony “Pledge to America” of 2010, Republicans swore they would put an abrupt end to packing must-pass government funding legislation with esoteric provisions for special interests that had nothing whatsoever to do with funding the government.  That solemn oath, like their pledge to create jobs, has been regularly violated as long as they have controlled the House and at least on Republican admitted that was the case in the so-called CRomnibus funding bill.

The Republican, Bill Flores (R-TX), said it is true that Republican leadership certainly broke their 2010 Pledge to America in the CRomnibus, but he justified violating the people’s trust because an African American man is President. The prominent Republican said, like Mormon’s who justify lying if it is for the lord, that it is worth breaking an oath to the American people if the ends justify the means.


According to Flores, deleting legislation the President signed justifies breaking the Pledge to America. Flores did not vote for the CRomnibus because “an unlawful (Black) President” issued the same executive orders as white Republican presidents. In the “Pledge,” it says, “We will end the practice of packaging unpopular bills with ‘must-pass’ legislation to circumvent the will of the American people. Instead, we will advance major legislation one issue at a time.” However, breaking the pledge is the price Republicans are more than willing to pay to undo President Obama’s agenda; starting with legislation that passed during the two years that Democrats controlled the White House and both branches of Congress after the 2008 election.

Of course it is a violation,” Flores said. “But it’s one of the byproducts of having to clean up really bad legislation (legislation Wall Street and the Kochs hate) and it’s really one of the few ways we can have to delete bad policy. The ends justified the means; I hate to say that, but yes.” Flores is still a liar; he does not hate to say it and he knows it. The only thing remarkable about anything Flores says is that he admitted Republicans are liars  in a public forum even though it is common knowledge the dirty lying liars only raison d’être is eradicating anything President Obama signed into law during his first two years in office, or has supported since then.

For example, Republicans began their votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act immediately on taking control of the House in 2011 and have attempted to insert riders in other budgets and legislation to defund the health law. The rider to give Wall Street free reign to decimate the economy again with phony derivatives is a result of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that Republicans have tried to eliminate since taking control of the House. This time, they may have succeeded with the valuable assistance of 57 Democrats whose fealty is not to the people. One wonders how those Democrats, many who voted for Dodd-Frank, sleep at night knowing they are complicit in deleting a law they likely helped pass.

While most Democrats actually stood strong with President Obama’s efforts to address climate change by blocking a Koch rider restricting the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases,  57 of them voted for the Koch brothers’ cuts to the EPA’s budget. Republicans have done their due diligence to block the President’s environmental efforts over the past six years and boasted they slashed the EPA budget by 21% since the brothers bought the House in 2010.  Apparently 57 Democrats want some of the Koch credit now and going forward. The Kochs have bigger aspirations in the next session of Congress as evidenced by the rider they attached prohibiting enforcement of the Clean Water Act; a bill 57 Democrats voted for.

Republicans are still incensed at the President for pushing to end Bush-era tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy, and because they cannot reinstate the insane tax cuts unilaterally, the Kochs and Grover Norquist directed them to make more drastic cuts to the IRS enforcement budget. Because the President has criticized the Supreme Court’s Citizen United ruling, Republican inserted a rider eliminating the IRS’s authority to investigate, enforce compliance, or reject applications of 501(c) social welfare campaign organizations with “conservative” in their name.

Because President Obama has not allowed Israel set American Middle East policy, Republicans included a rider acknowledging Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu’s authority by cutting all assistance to the Palestinian Authority if members of United Nations, or any of its agencies, dared to make it a member. Netanyahu has already made it abundantly clear that President Obama is not acquiescing to Israel’s supremacy, or recognizing that Israel controls American Middle East assistance. Republicans gave that authority to Israel based on its authority to decide which nation is allowed membership into the world organization. It is just another means to eliminate the President’s record on Middle East policy because he does not acknowledge that Israel controls who receives American assistance.

Republicans even added a rider in the CRomnibus to keep the phony “Benghazi” scandal going throughout the rest of the President’s tenure in the White House. The rider prohibits any assistance to Libya until Republicans are satisfied that the country is cooperating with criminal Darrel Issa’s investigation into the attack on the U.S. consulate.  This is despite the House already putting any scandalous machinations, cover ups, or wrongdoing by the Obama Administration or former Sec of State Hillary Clinton to rest.

To show how serious, and petty, the Republican effort to delete anything this President accomplished, they put a rider in an appropriations budget banning the President from transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the United States or elsewhere. They also prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars to fund Obama Administration executive branch portraits. They even dealt a blow to First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch standards by giving red state school districts authority to allow students to eat unhealthy school lunches.

The CRomnibus, on its own, although not an ideal budget according to President Obama or any reasonable American, is likely as good as it can be considering Republicans control the House. However, those Koch brother and Wall Street riders, all esoteric to funding the government, are a direct assault on President Obama’s agenda and an attempt to eliminate anything he has signed, supported, or accomplished since he has been President.

Now that the Senate passed the CRomnibus, Americans can rest easy Republicans cannot shutter the government for a little over nine months, but they have taken a big step toward deleting this President’s accomplishments. It is a big step they could not have made without the valuable assistance of 57 Democrats who are obviously more terrified of crossing the Koch brothers than supporting their party’s President and for that they deserve the same outrage decent Americans have for dirty lying racist Republicans.


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  1. Thus, what has been well documented is the GOP in Congress willingly participating in numerous acts of “Domestic Terrorism” and “Treason”. If any regular American of Democratic Congressional member had tried these tactics the GOP would of called for charges to be pressed against them.
    Thus, these people should be charged with the crimes that they have committed and or their intent to commit and at the very least removed from office, ASAP. Time for the rest of the country to play hardball with the GOP members. They have more then earned it.

  2. “Petty” is a perfect word to describe the rethugs. Small, insignificant, being a nobody also fits. As far as I can see the era of men in the rethug party being men of intelligence has long [past. Still, they stamp their feet in a child like manner, throw tantrums scream they are the voice of the people and try at every turn to destroy any one who stands against them.
    Sorry rethugs, Pres, Obama will go down in history(if for nothing else) then standing strong against you!!!! You have insured his place, Live with it….

  3. Exactly, his legacy has been set for years. Beat the pants off white guys TWICE, enacted healthcare, immigration reform enacted, saved the economy from devastation by corrupt republicans, got deal signed with China to reduce emissions, found and killed Bin laden, ended torture of war prisoners committed by Bush administration, more than doubled stock market saving many Americans’ 401k’s, saved housing market resulting in a housing boom,lowered gas dependancy resulting in falling prices, created over 10 million jobs. Basically cleaned up the toilet the republicans left the country in after Bushs’ raping of the country.

    What has ANY republican done????

  4. To the GOP/TP, Obama is like a Pandora Box based on the fact that being the first black president doesn’t mean he’ll be the last and of course they don’t want that other Pandora Box opened called the first woman president because she won’t be the last either, while they’ll try to make us think they respect women and minorities and have some tokens run, but they’ll be expected not to win as part of the plan which is to make the GOP/TP look good like with Mister 9-9-9.

  5. Sorry, but I have to disagree with a lot that is in this article.

    We KNOW the GOP are liars and will say anything they think the people will swallow. This is no different than the so-called “Contract With America” during the Clinton administration. So whats new and why blame them?

    You can lay the blame on the 57 Senate Democrats if you want, but who was it that called them urging them to pass this piece of garbage? Who called the House Democrats urging THEM to pass this “funding bill” that stripped protections from the American people. Those 57 Democrats were only following their leader’s wishes. The blame can be laid only one place; at the feet of President Obama.

  6. There has to be a long game in this mess. I just don’t see President Obama asking Democrats to pass this monstrosity without using it for some kind of long-term gain. I can imagine this ready made for some good political ads and something they cannot deny as in bailouts and the rest. I remember when Republicans in ’09 were directed to call every financial bill a bailout, and anything to do with immigration as amnesty. I am going to reserve judgement as I still don’t know everything about the whole deal, but I will say that I am very disturbed after this reading this article.

  7. I agree this is a long game, but its a position that we the ppl put ourselves in. Yes we can blame the 57 senators, 30+ rep., but it wouldn’t be a damn vote on this bill or anything like it. If we weren’t so wrap-up in our little world of grievous. 17% > 19% dems actually made an effort to vote. WHY?
    You think this is horrible, here’s what else WE gave them the power to do:

    1st we complaint that Dodd-Franks wasn’t good enough, now its the best thing to stop check W St. & everyone is mad as hell. Now we looking to PBO to minimize the damaged that WE inflicted on ourselves.

  8. I’m still asking the same question, why he put the American people on the hook for trillions of dollars, giving the ongoing fact these pompous bank CEOs will
    continuously walk with outrageous severance packages after they collapse the economy. I don’t understand why the President thinks giving away the Dodd/Frank rule that he wanted so much to strengthen the banks responsibility to stop risky trading, to give this up for immigration reform makes no fiscal sense at all ?? Don’t get me wrong I want immigration reform, but at this price, I think not. Mr President find something else to give to the un-American GOP/Koch party that wouldnt hurt everyone so much. I’m talking about all of the American people, at this time with the state of mind of the GOP party, politically this is a very dangerous and reckless decision.

  9. Do you think this is bad? You ain’t see nothing yet. Everything that PBO done they mean to reverse it or destroy it. And they going to do it w/ the GOP/MSM help.
    These asshats want to incr. sanction on Russia w/o our allies, they don’t want a treaty w/ Iran, they want WAR w/ Syria, Student loans back in the hands of the banks, killed credit to sm bus., tax crd initiative investments to clean energy bus., tx credits to homeowners, min. wage you never see it, Seniors, the disable, etc..
    So yes, we can blame every politician, but the BUCK STOP W/ US, THE AMER. PPL & WE FAILED TWICE. B/C we were shortsighted. & their nothing Warren or Sanders can do abt it unless they play just as dirty as the pukes did the last 6 yrs.. The ques bcome, are we up to it or do we cont. to sit back & point fingers & complain?
    I got this Pres back b/c I know where he stands, he got the scars to prove it.

  10. I’m getting sick & tired of people here saying WE gave them this power by not voting, WE gave them this & that by being apathetic. I got news for you, I DID NOT give them anything, I bugged my friends to the point where they probably hated to see me coming. I donated money and signed petitions, and I VOTED. So please don’t throw me in there with the people who didn’t care enough to get off their asses and vote.

  11. …and the Democrats went along with this.

    Traitors, hypocrites, guilty of insurrection, sedition and treason.

    No different from the TGOPs in not representing “We the people…” but in supporting the very agenda that “We the people” oppose!

  12. Then why didn’t the Dems win last November? One major reason is that the Dems lack a massive message machine like the repubs have (MSM, Fox, talk radio). Most Americans only hear the repub lies repeated and repeated. The Dems have no way to counter it. Where are the rich left leaners to put up the seed money to start a message machine using new technology? The repubs have been putting their plan to take over the country into play going back 30+ years. Divide and conquer by using fear, hate, lies and massive corporate money. Since huge sums of corporate money is not going to be taken out of our elections anytime soon, we need a plan to get our message out.

  13. The voters said compromise, so that’s what Pres. Obama and the Ds are doing. They didn’t say, compromise if it’s acceptable, they just said compromise. If the Rs decided to call for nuclear war the public would want the Ds to compromise somehow, regardless of how idiotic it may seem. Compromising on the Dodd-Frank change is similar.

  14. They filibustered. They took a brave stand against what the majority of Americans wanted. In their minds, this makes them folkloric heroes who stood for “what’s right” in the face of stiff opposition.

    And, hey… I guess I can’t fault them– it worked. They won the election.

    That made me very sad to type.

  15. Okay, good for you. Once your own hand is out of the way, I’ll pat you on the back. That doesn’t change the fact that, *on the whole*, Democratic voters were apathetic. They knew an election was coming, but still didn’t turn out. Self-congratulatory attitudes aren’t going to change this very real and reoccurring problem. It’s systemic and is going to do some major damage when redistricting time comes around again.

  16. The democrats were badly weakened ever since Jimmy Carter was faced with the new Islic fascist dictator in Iran and could not deal with him which is why callous cruel Reagan got in, showed hate and contempt for poor people by de-regulating everything and destroying unions and giving huge tax breaks to the rich who destroyed American jobs by shipping the jobs overseas to avoid paying taxes. And to make things worse the Docrats ran
    Horribly weak candidates in 1984 and 1988 which gave callous CRUEL fascist Reagan another four years and four years to the first BUSH who destroyed the lives of millions of more working class Americans by encouraging owners of big companies to destroy job security by permanently laying off their older senior employees age 35-64, the ones who have the hardest time finding new jobs-just to be as cruel and spiteful as Fascist Reagan and 8 years of BUSH 2 resulted in more corporate fascism because Clinton w was a WEAK democrat like Obama. The Dems are

  17. Never once in my life have I actually heard someone say “the ends justifying the means” and then finding that to be correct.

    Follow the money.

  18. Harrah for Obama! This USofA needs to be cleaned of all corrupt politicians but I say once again the people put them there they get pissed enough they will replace them. We can only hope and pray that any damage can be repaired before it hurts us all.

  19. So Mr. Rodriguez what you are saying is they can not vote there conscious but must do as leader say’s? I fully understand what you are saying but blame for this as well as other atrousity’s goes all-around, even to us that voted. The repubs shoved a bunch of crap down a lot of throat’s.

  20. Congress is acting precisely as do grade school children at recess. The fighting for primacy is something that starts as early as kindergarten.

    Cruz is the bully-in-chief. He wants what he wants and he wants it now and if he doesn’t get his way, hell, shut down the nation.

    Living in Texas, I have NO REPRESENTATION WHATSOEVER. According to the Constitution, that is something all Americans are entitled to but all I’ve got are assholes such as Cruz, Cornyn, Abbott, his new lieutenant governor and frankly, I see the Fascist train coming down the track faster than a speeding bullet.

    ANYTHING that is good for the Americans is anathema to the TEAliban. I do believe that they are out to destroy this country by being as immoral as they can be.
    It amazes me that they don’t shout “Oh yeah?” or “So’s your mother” or “Your mother wears combat boots.” Remind you of grade school? Yeah, me too.

  21. What kind of nails do you use? You hit them right on the head.

    I lost my LIFE’S SAVINGS in Bush’s recession because the banks were able to gamble without worrying because they knew they’d get their money back.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to Vegas and have someone cover OUR losses? It’s the same thing. I know that I can’t be the only one calling for another REVOLUTION.

    Not with arms, this time around have a few thousand people go into Congress and toss out the bad apples from both sides of the aisle and toss ’em out.

    I’m 74 and have worked in my last election; that kind of back breaking work I will never o again, for that matter I’d like to say I’ll never vote again but every election is a mini-revolution in its own,

  22. How right you are. ALL politicians that took Koch $$$$$ should be removed for conflict of interest by signing their political power to private billionaire polluters, slave labor citizens that no one elected that bought you.

    Oh and yeah, youll never win another presidential election with the cast of corruption and stupidity you have lined up willing to do anything for that Koch “fix”

  23. Sorry but I can not feel bad for any gamblers losses whether in housing, stocks security’s or any investment other than you bank. All are a gamble and have no guarantees, so quit crying about your losses and blaming others for that which you had control over.

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