Democrats Introduce Legislation To Stop Trump From Separating Families

In the midst of the biggest political crisis of his presidency Donald Trump has been blaming Democrats and Congress.  Of course everyone with half a brain knows that the policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S. border with Mexico came straight from the Oval Office. read more

Ryan, McConnell Fight As GOP Election Strategy Crashes

Republicans are fighting among themselves again in the U.S. Congress, and this is a bad sign for their chances in November’s midterm elections.

Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) is pushing hard to get another misguided and harmful tax cut passed in the next few months.  For some reason he thinks this will fire up the Republican base of voters and will make it more likely that Republican candidates will win elections this year. read more

Why Democrats Will Win Midterms Despite a Booming Economy

The economy is soaring, and so is public optimism about the economy.  

You would think this should result in President Trump having high approval ratings, but that is not the case.  Trump’s approval rating based on the average of public opinion polls is stuck at around 41%. This is an historically low number. read more

Republicans Added $1 Trillion to the Deficit — Now They Want A Balanced Budget Amendment


The Washington Post has reported that Congressional Republicans are now suggesting they want to pass a balanced budget amendment. Which is completely ridiculous since the tax bill they passed into law in December has added more than $1 trillion to the U.S. deficit. read more

British PM, European Parliament Call for Facebook Investigation

‘The Heat is On’ is a Glenn Frey song made famous by the 1980’s TV show ‘Miami Vice.’ Given all the news about how Facebook data was improperly used to manipulate hundreds of millions of people in elections, the song’s title is an apt description of the environment that the social media giant is currently facing. read more

New Poll Shows Most Americans Think Arming & Training Teachers Is a Horrible Way to Stop School Shootings

A new NBC poll released Thursday morning should be a wakeup call to the NRA and its supporters in Washington, including President Trump.  Most people think that putting more guns in schools is a really bad idea. read more

Opinion: The Nunes Memo Fail Distracted From Trump’s Open Defiance Of Congress

The so called Nunes Memo, bombed by any measure. On a political level it was a disaster. Even conspiracy theory fans like Trey Gowdy called it a failure in it's main objective of discrediting the Mueller investigation.

Nicolle Wallace Just Nailed The GOP For Committing ‘Political Suicide’ By Smearing The FBI

"The fact that the Republicans have put the entire Republican Party brand on the line to smear and assassinate the character of the entire FBI ... is political suicide."

Dem Senator Says The Best Way For Congress To Govern Is To Pretend Trump Doesn’t Exist

Chris Coons

Negotiating with Trump is a waste of time. Not only does he lack a firm grasp of the issues, but he often just agrees with the last person he spoke to.

Trump Pens Op-Ed Bragging About Accomplishments Hours After He Shuts Down Government

Hours after Donald Trump's actions led to a government shutdown, the president penned an op-ed touting his so-called accomplishments over the past year.

Republican Strategist Blasts Trump, GOP Over Shutdown: ‘All Of This Is On Them’


It's going to be hard for Trump to convince the American people that the government shutdown is the Democrats' fault when not even his own party agrees.

House GOP Passes Cynical Spending Bill That Senate Democrats Are Already Planning To Smack Down

Senate Republicans aren't likely to win over enough Democrats to pass their cynical spending bill.

Trump To Delay Signing Tax Bill So The Devastating Impacts Aren’t Felt Until After Midterms

If this is such a fine piece of legislation, why didn't congressional Republicans rush it to the White House today to get the president's signature on it?  

GOP Lawmaker Falls Apart After Chris Hayes Busts Tax Plan For Killing Adoption Credit

GOP Rep. Mark Walker twisted himself into a pretzel on Wednesday when he tried to defend the Republican tax plan.