GOP Panicking As Majority Of Voters In Key 2018 States Are Unhappy With Trump

As the White House finds itself embroiled in endless scandal, the news for the Republican Party keeps getting worse as a majority of voters in key 2018 states are concerned about Donald Trump’s choices as president.

According to a Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey obtained by The Hill, nearly 60 percent of voters in seven 2018 battleground states said they believe the president’s Cabinet picks will hurt middle-class Americans and only help rich billionaires like Trump.

More reporting from The Hill:

Overall, 59 percent of voters in the seven states said they were “somewhat” or “very” concerned that Trump’s picks would “result in conflicts of interest that benefit big business at the expense of regular people,” according to a poll by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) obtained exclusively by The Hill. Thirty-eight percent said they weren’t concerned.

PPP polled voters in Delaware, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Wisconsin and West Virginia for a survey commissioned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), a liberal outside group.

The poll question noted that Trump has named “numerous bankers and Wall Street billionaires” that could “result in conflicts of interest,” and then questioned if participants were “very concerned, somewhat concerned or not at all concerned.”

This poll isn’t just an early red flag for Republicans trying to gauge just how much damage Trump has done during his first month in office, but it’s a sign that the American people – many of whom supported Trump last fall – are finally seeing that his campaign was a massive con job.

Trump spent over a year trying – and, in many cases, successfully – convincing a large chunk of lower- and middle-class white voters that he would bring back jobs and look out for “the forgotten men and women” of the country, but it quickly became apparent that this was nothing but bluster.

In the first few weeks, he has appointed billionaires to key administration positions, rolled back regulations on Wall Street, and made it harder for people to purchase homes, among other things. All of these moves fly in the face of everything he said throughout the campaign.

In record time, most voters are seeing that Trump is just a con artist who cares nothing about making life better for average Americans.