DNC Chair Harrison Rips Into Lauren Boebert Over Financial Disclosure Controversy

Despite being a freshman congressperson from a small district in Colorado, Lauren Boebert has fast become a name in politics. Most of the coverage of her, however, is not favorable.

She tweeted out the location of Nancy Pelosi during the January 6th insurrection when Trump supporters were looking to harm the Speaker. She has made a big stink about metal detectors being placed outside the Capitol complex. And she’s even dabbled in conspiracy theories like QAnon.

The Colorado Rep’s latest controversy involves her husband. Jayson Boebert, like his wife, has a history of arrests. And according to sources, she didn’t disclose that he made half a million dollars in earnings as an energy consultant.

Ethics expert Kedric Payne explains, “Federal law requires members of Congress, as well as candidates, to file financial disclosure statements that include the income and assets of spouses and dependent children. Boebert’s failure to report her husband’s income from energy consulting plainly violates that requirement.”

Jaime Harrison, the new Chair of the DNC was more than happy to call out the congresswoman for her latest controversy. Harrison tweeted, “Instead of posing with cardboard cutouts or bouncing around on a stage like a peacock talking about Fauci Ouchis … The Congresswoman might want to worry about these ‘Boebert Boo Boos.'”