Boehner’s Departure Opens The Door For Tea Party Crazies to Take The Wheel

House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to resign will likely be greeted with applause by liberals and conservatives alike, as he presided over one of the most dysfunctional and least productive Congresses in the history of the country. Conservatives will cheer that the weak leader has been replaced by a stronger conservative, and liberals will celebrate the departure of one of Barack Obama’s most prominent Congressional adversaries.

Yet, for liberals, and for the American people in general, Boehner’s exit from leadership may not be cause for celebration. Boehner, for all his faults, was at least a feeble bridge between tea party nihilism and the frayed ends of sanity. His departure blows up that bridge. Without a doubt, the U.S. House was dysfunctional with Boehner at the helm. However, with Boehner out, that dysfunction is almost certain to get worse.

The list of Republicans who are most likely to replace Boehner as speaker, or to advance into other House leadership positions because of Boehner’s resignation, consists of a collection of Tea Party activists and sympathizers. Next in line could be Kevin McCarthy of California, with Paul Ryan (WI), Jeb Hensarling (TX), Tom Price (GA) and Steve Scalise (LA) as other possibilities for either Speaker or House Majority Leader. These five men are even less interested than Speaker Boehner was in running a functioning Congress.

The GOP House without Boehner as their leader will be even more dogmatic, resistant and nihilistic than the current House, and that is not an easy bar to clear. Worse yet, whoever does take the reigns will always be looking over his right shoulder, making sure he is placating the right-wing extremists so they don’t topple him in a political coup for being insufficiently conservative.

In many ways John Boehner has only himself to blame. As House Speaker he frequently allowed reckless reactionaries to hijack the House agenda and to turn the lower chamber of Congress into a perpetual circus. Boehner’s House spent much of its time running kangaroo courts to investigate phony scandals, and passing dozens of pointless resolutions to defund Obamacare.

The toothless House Speaker was never very successful at controlling the radicals in his party, who incessantly fought to undermine the last vestiges of functioning government. Boehner’s resignation will only fuel the growing nihilism of the Republican Party’s right-wing. With the lunatic fringe taking the wheel of governance, and John Boehner no longer on the GOP side of the aisle to pump the brakes, the tea party crazies are going to move full speed ahead with their plan to dismantle functioning government. Buckle up America. We’re in for a rough ride.

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  1. The right wing may find themselves unable to elect a Speaker. The crazies have already declare John McCarthy unacceptable. Paul Ryan has already said “no, thanks”. If it get chaotic enough, I’d could see the Democrats, and what goes for moderate Republicans electing Nancy Pelosi. I don’t think it is going to be pretty in any case.

  2. They took over a LONG time ago… Boehner finally said FTS and left, he’s basically set for life-either that or something is about to hit the fan, nobody just leaves a job like that

  3. …gonna get a LOT worse before Election Day 2016, that’s for sure…here’s hopin’ we can keep a coalition to block thier even more heinous shit…

  4. Ted Cruz is out to destroy our great Country. Has it been proved yet that his mother was a U.S. citizen and if yes, did she obey the laws regarding having a child outside the USA. Has his fathers ties to Castro and his immigration to the U.S. been properly investigated?

  5. Who would be dumb enough to take the job. They would have to not pass any bill, not even naming a post office. If they did pass any they be like making Cruzzy pastor of the house or making it manditory for all the people of the US too go to church every sunday maybe twice.If the new Speaker
    didn,t he be called not a true conserve and would have to be replace.

  6. First, the GOPers of the Insane will need to try to actually elect a Speaker. Some have said No Way already, some don’t want the job. But hey, maybe they can outsource the job.

  7. The only thing they will “pass” is to negate everything that has been done the past 6 years.

    They will not add anything to our country, they will destroy what has been put in place.

    This is a very sad day, and I think there are many more to come. The sharks looking to replace Boehner are demons. Our country is fighting demons right in our own Congress.

  8. This will be good for progressives and Democrats ironically. Having a House Speaker that is even _more_ of a right wing extremist in the pocket of corporate tyrants will clearly show Americans what it means when they vote for conservative Republicans.

    Get registered to vote TODAY (and ask your friends to register as Democrats too so they can participate in the upcoming primaries):

  9. The Pope should have performed an exorcism on the Right Wing while he was here.

    He reminded everyone that humanity towards one another is the way to go. What do these jackasses do? Already to demolish the country and us.


  10. There is no one who can satisfy all the different factions in that party! They’ll coalesce grudgingly around one guy because they have to, and then proceed to deep six that one. This will just keep playing out over and over. They should be renamed the repuliCANCER party. However you choose to interpret the the definition of republiCANCER, your absolutely right, and it’s complex and it’s nasty!

  11. It’s amazing how craziness dominates the GOP. It seemed so obvious with the way Congress has been dysfunctional over the past five years, but also, in regards to their ideological points. I mean, Republicans don’t want Americans to have affordable healthcare, pure and simple, even though Nixon embraced it as well as Romney. But what craziness is this concerning Trump at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. Trump has spent most of his business career running casinos, those institutions of gambling, selling massive amounts of alcohol, and the exploitation of women. And the far-right, which cannot tolerate the presumed sin of abortion, welcomes him with both arms as perhaps their next leader. How crazy is that? The religious-right admires a good adulterer, but hates those who take care of the down-trodden and those who are in need. It almost looks like they themselves are under some dark spell that prevents them from seeing the reality of their behavior. I call it crazy.

  12. The American people will now get a real look at the Republican Party. John Boehner helped keep the crazies from being seen. Now they will be in full view, and the American people will be in for a shock on how such Morons could ever been elected in the first place.

  13. It’s time for WeThePeople to wake all the way up because our lives matter & our family & friends lives matter too, so we much all help each one to vote these homegrown terrorists out of our gov’t because America is better than them. Time for the peepottie to go! Time for a TeathugliKKKan Tsunami.

  14. I was wondering if anyone can help me because im a student. Is the Republican party meeting the needs of us american people? why and why not please

  15. I hope that if there are, and that is a big if. If there are any moderate republicans in the congress, they should join with the democrats in governing, the other crazies are out to destroy the country.
    The weak kneed media acts as though this is all normal, perhaps it is because the media
    is republican owned. Who are all these people appearing on MSNBC? The woman by the name of SNOW is new to me, they really did get rid of the dem leaning people.

  16. I certainly hope so. I hope the right wing nut jobs take control of the House so all Americans can see what life is like under the American Taliban. They won’t last long and then we can get back to attempting to be a civilized democracy.

  17. …WAAAAAAY back durin’ Le Shrubs first Regime…I commented that what we really needed was a militant Proctologist to invade DC and start removing hemorrhoids from the body politic…
    …too late for that now…we need an Oncologist…

  18. Gets me to wonder just what is planned for the future? Usually, the job of Speaker has more then one Jockeying for the job. So what do the men who are mentioned now know for sure what is on the agenda? A very big why, don’t they want the job????

  19. Well, isn’t that one of those generalizations that doesn’t always hold? I am White, male, heterosexual, semi-privileged (highly educated), and I at best understand Christian precepts.

    Maybe it’s just a matter of degrees.

  20. I think it mainly boils down to which people the Republicans believe are the American people. They are very selective on that point. Students are toward the back of the line, because intelligence is a threat to their party line.

  21. The Constitution gives the House the right to choose its Speaker, however there is nothing that mandates the person be a member of Congress, so in theory, though it’s never been done, anyone could be elected Speaker of the House.

    ” We hold these truths to be self-evident… Right of the People to alter or to abolish it [Gov] and to institute new Government, ”

    From our constitution in case you were wondering…

  23. to paraphrase a movie title: “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” – of Congress. Liked what he saw and decided to Move in lock, stock, and barrel.

  24. Dumbass that is not in the constitution. You should sue your dumbass parents for homeschooling your idiot ass

  25. Agh, after reading that article I am ready to hibernate. Wake me when its over.

    This is not going to end well, for any of us.

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