Democrats Take 18-Point Lead In Midterm Matchup As Voters Are Eager To Punish GOP For Tax Scam

Democrats lead the GOP by a whopping 18 points among registered voters – the largest lead they've held in two decade's worth of midterm election cycles.

Chuck Schumer Thanks GOP For Ramming Through Tax Bill That Will Hand Congress To The Democrats

Schumer said the plan's combination of tax increases for middle-class Americans and dramatic reductions for the wealthy is a recipe for a GOP bloodbath next year.

Republicans In Congress Are Plotting To Sabotage Russia Investigation If It Doesn’t End Soon

According to a new report, many GOP lawmakers are restless and "ready to close the books" on the probe.

Paul Ryan Promises ‘Unified Republican Government’ Will Destroy America in 2017

Take away healthcare because it's hurting you. Take away corporate taxes (and raise yours). Take away regulations that protect you from clean air, water, and food.

Republican Job Creation Plan is the Same Old Laughable Laundry List of Lies

When Paul Ryan says "it’s time to take these lessons learned and apply them on a national scale—that’s a Better Way," he means the same way

Do-Nothing GOP Congress Won’t Investigate Russia Hacking Our Elections

"GOP Congress spends a year and a half investigating Clinton emails, but refuses to investigate whether Russia is hacking our election? WTF?"

Paul Ryan Responds to Banking Scandal by Accusing Dodd-Frank of Killing Free Checking

Paul Ryan Ignores the Wells Fargo fraud scandal and instead accusing Dodd-Frank of killing free checking accounts

Paul Ryan, The Architect of Obstruction, Accuses Dems of Attack on Bipartisanship

Ryan accuses Democrats of attacking bipartisanship even though he was in the room of GOP luminaries who decided to obstruct Obama

GOP Says the Right to Know What You’re Eating is Burdensome to Corporations

Despite the protests of many medical organizations, Republicans ignore the health cost to Americans in favor of corporate profits

A Note to Speaker Ryan: Prayer Won’t Turn Flint’s Poisoned Water into Wine

Ryan says prayer comes first, when disaster strikes their home districts, it's money that comes first. Prayer is what they offer for other people.

Paul Ryan Claims “If we make it an ideas contest, we win.”

Ryan says, “If we make it an ideas contest, we win.” But to have an ideas contest, you have to actually have some ideas.

Senate Democrats Call Ryan’s Bluff and Reject SAFE Act Sleight of Hand

Ryan wanted Americans to believe Republicans are actually doing something, when really it's just more prime-time Republican theater

Paul Ryan Thinks Job-Killing is Worse Than People-Killing

Paul Ryan wants to use the the Congressional Review Act to prevent the president from saving the American people from corporate tyranny

Paul Ryan’s ‘Pro-Growth Agenda’ Calls for Giving Your Money to Rich People

Paul Ryan insists he is going to 'fix' things, but since Obama has already done that, he can only mean he's going to destroy them

House Weekly Address Says Happy New Year, Now Die Without Insurance

The Republican-run House is up to its same old tricks: rather than helping Americans, attacking their access to healthcare

Paul Ryan Brags Up GOP Priorities – Not the Middle Class, But Big Oil and Corporations

Ryan says he wants to protect us from the overreach of intrusive government bureaucracies but he really wants to protect his corporate owners

House Republicans Introduce A War on Christmas Resolution

It was inevitable that at some point, the radicalized United States House of Representatives would become involved in an official way, in the imaginary "War on Christmas" Fox News works so hard to sell in between their "Happy Holiday" breaks:

House Legislates Muslim Profiling with Visa Waiver Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act

The House voted to legalize the profiling of Muslims as part of HR 158 - a revision of the Visa Waiver Program used by 20 million tourists

Paul Ryan and House Use NDAA to Hijack the President’s Response to ISIL

Obama has a strategy for defeating ISIL so of course Paul Ryan demands that the he submit to Congress a plan of which the House approves

Paul Ryan To Spew More of the Same Old on Five Sunday News Shows

"We are wiping the slate clean," we are told by Paul Ryan, which means the same "screw America" agenda advanced by a new face