Chuck Schumer Thanks GOP For Ramming Through Tax Bill That Will Hand Congress To The Democrats

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer thanked the Republican Congress on Saturday for ramming through a tax bill that increases the odds that Democrats will win control of both the House and Senate next year.

Schumer said the plan’s combination of tax increases for middle-class Americans and dramatic reductions for the wealthy is a recipe for a GOP bloodbath next year.

As Schumer noted, millions of middle-class families will ultimately see an increase in the amount of taxes they pay, if not in the short-term then certainly in the long run.

That’s because the Republican scam makes permanent cuts for the wealthiest individuals and businesses,  while the cuts for middle-income workers will ultimately expire, leaving them with a higher bill – all while those who don’t need it will continue to get a sweet government handout.

It may be a clever con job to ram through an unpopular piece of legislation – teasing the American people with a short-term gimmick while screwing them years later – but it will likely come back to haunt Republicans when millions of middle-class folks are sacked with higher taxes.

What we’ve seen in elections since Donald Trump was sworn in – even in deep-red Alabama – is that Americans are beginning to recognize that giving this man the keys to the White House and handing Republicans complete control of Congress was a bad idea.

The unpopular GOP tax scam will only reinforce that realization, and voters will likely use next year’s midterm elections to give Donald Trump and the Republican Party the harsh reality check they so desperately need.